EOP 40-11

EOP 40-11 vi. Chapter. Page. 17. Commercial Gift Card Program . ...... Laptop computers, netbooks, and tablets with a retail value of $500 or greater. d. ...... allowing no less than one inch of clearance between (1) the top tube of the bicycle and ...
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EOP 40-11

Special Retail Programs

December 2014


Special Retail Programs EOP 40-11

This Exchange Operating Procedure (EOP) tells all levels of Army and Air Force Exchange Service (Exchange) management how to perform special retail programs, as directed by Exchange headquarters (HQ). Proper management of these procedures and the information stated will ensure uniform handling of these programs in exchanges worldwide. The Merchandising Directorate (MD) must approve any deviations. A copy of this directive will be readily available for reference purposes at every retail facility. Additional copies (or pertinent chapters) should be kept in other areas, as needed. This directive supersedes EOP 40-11, dated June 2011, and all changes.


2014 Significant Changes

Special Retail Programs LOCATION Chapter 2 Courtesy

SIGNIFICANT CHANGE Reference to WBL/CRISP courses –updated— to LEX Paragraph 3-2d (How Customers Can Submit Feedback section) – Removed

Chapter 3

Paragraph 3-6 (Signing section) – Removed

Customer Comment Program

Paragraph 3-7a-b (Execution section) – Removed Figure 3-2 –Updated

Chapter 4 Target Marketing

Chapter 5 We Price Match! Program

Figure 4-1 –Removed New sections: • Definitions • What Stores Do and Do Not Match • Questionable Price Matches • Disclaimer • Reports – MD We'll Match It Price Match Report • Training • 14-Day Price Guarantee Paragraph 5-40 (Frequently Asked Questions section) – Removed Paragraph 5-41 (Frequently Asked Questions section) – Answer to question concerning Military discounts – clarified/expanded Paragraph 5-51 (Accountability section) – revised: “The Main Store Operations Manager and Branch Managers should be appointed by the GM to control all aspects of the program.” Figure 5-3 – Removed

Chapter 6 Customer Rain Check Instant Substitution

Chapter 7 Meet Your Manager Program

Original Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Call Boxes & Customer Service Pagers

Paragraph 6-2b (Policy section) Redemption period (for an item with a Rain Check POS receipt) is now 30 days in CONUS and 60 days in OCONUS. Paragraphs 6-9 through 6-11 – new Paragraph 7-2c Added to Exchange staff members: Express Managers, Branch Managers, Services Business Managers Removed: Shoppette Managers, Garage Managers Paragraph 7-6 • “Atlanta Forms and Pubs Warehouse” – is now – “Vmag” • Contact name and email address for signing information – updated The "Mystery Shopper Program" chapter was removed due to the discontinuation of this program in November 2013.

Paragraph 8-1 (Purpose and Applicability section) – removed

EOP 40-11 Significant Changes – 1


SIGNIFICANT CHANGE Revised sections: • Policy Associate Responsibility New section: Take-A-Ticket “Hot Items” – Black Friday Weekend

Chapter 9 Take-a-Ticket Program

Paragraph 9-2 (Policy section) – new final sentence: “Items in Outdoor Living and PowerZone can utilize the Take-A-Ticket program.” Paragraph 9-5 – new: “The Take-A-Ticket program tickets can be created at store level using Web dSign.”

Chapter 10 Customer Identification

Chapter 11 Associate Attire Program

Annex 11A Name Tags

Figure 9-1 –was removed Page 10-3 (Chapter 6 of AR 215-8/AFI 34-211[I] section) – new "Note": “In lieu of a letter of authorization, some installations may provide agents with an agent ID card or pass.” Inserts from AAR 215-8/AFI 34-211(I) – Patrons, Privileges, and Identification –Removed New section: Ordering Information • Removed: Why Standardized Attire? Section Paragraph 11-6 (Issue Information section) • 11-6e – updated 11-6f – new Paragraph 11-7 (Pants and Skirts section) – new sentence: "Cargo pants are recommended and provide extra pockets for storag