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Jul 21, 2016 - Previously considered benefits, consumers now require the ... the traditional concept of a content delivery network (CDN), with a unique, single-.
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time-shift TV solution Why time-shift? Shifting consumer behaviors have prompted an explosion in content on demand and nonlinear TV viewing. The ability to record any and all shows without storage constraints or availability limits is a key component of this shift. Previously considered benefits, consumers now require the ability to pause live TV, start a program over from the beginning, and record something that happened in the past. They expect to have all five seasons of their favorite series available for a binge-watching weekend or to watch an old film classic as easily as the latest blockbuster. They also expect to watch this content on any screen and demand a consistently immersive experience across devices.

The challenges are not minor. Time-shift solutions are impacted by storage capacity, processing power and performance, architecture complexity, and the regulatory environment. Meeting these challenges requires an adaptable TV service deployed in the cloud. Finding a way forward with a time-shift solution that fits each operator’s specific technical restrictions and meets their corporate business goals will require a standards-based, flexible and scalable framework, with the ability to change and adapt as the television and media industry continues to evolve and grow. Ericsson’s best in class TV and media portfolio encompasses all

MediaFirst Video Processing

the components required for just such a versatile end to end timeshifted video solution.

Cloud-based and modular Ericsson’s software-based solution offers a truly seamless experience, both for the end user and the operator. The components below, together or separately, add new capabilities and extend functionality for rapid processing, dynamic storage and express delivery of riveting video content to the delight of subscribers. Ericsson’s time-shift solution provides an immersive experience across devices for the subscriber, thus securing loyalty, reducing churn and enabling additional monetization opportunities for pay TV operators.

Media Delivery Network



Just in time or offline packaging





Just in time transcoding

Dynamic origin

Edge caching CDN assist

Consistent UI personalization

Video Storage and Processing Platform

MediaFirst TV Platform

Benefits >> Virtualized storage and processing reduces CAPEX due to reduced set-top box deployments and associated hardware costs >> Shared central storage for recordings is less costly than distributed storage >> Media processing efficiencies like just in time transcoding (JITX) and just in time processing (JIP) reduce storage requirements and costs >> Unmatched performance provides massive throughput and consistently high read/write concurrency >> Improved and enhanced end user experiences reduces churn >> Analytics provides targeted content monetization opportunities

With commercial deployments at some of the largest TV operators in the world, we are the world’s leading experts on cloud DVR deployments enabling time-shift solutions. Ericsson knows that all deployments are unique and entail some level of customization to address individual operators’ network requirements and business models. Our global multidisciplinary services team of over 1800 professionals provides consulting expertise in design, installation, integration and operation of time-shift TV solutions tailored to fit your needs. We can get you to market quickly and profitably with experienced support and monetization strategies.21 July 2016 4:09 PM

Open, API-driven infrastructure Deployment environment agnostic

Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing A robust suite of applications for media processing including just in time encoding and packaging. It is the most advanced cloud-based and softwaredefined video processing solution in the industry, powering immersive TV experiences.

Ericsson Video Storage and Processing Platform Integrates and virtualizes the storage and processing capabilities of as many commercial-offthe-shelf (COTS) servers as needed into a unified, high capacity and high performance, softwarebased cloud infrastructure.

Ericsson MediaFirst Delivery Network

Experienced system integration

Flexible Platform


Redefines the traditional concept of a content delivery network (CDN), with a unique, singleplatform, cloud-based approach to the delivery of managed and unmanaged content.

Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform A software-defined, media-optimized, cloud-based platform that delivers the best, personalized TV viewing experience to all devices and screens. Service providers are empowered with deep analytics and insight from the platform, enabling them to quickly deploy new revenue generating services.

Place Shifting Expertise

Consistent user experience across devices and delivery platforms

Exceptional Performance

Optimized transcoding, storage, and packaging

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