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European Migration Network

This National Report was prepared by the Ministry of the Interior acting as the coordinator of the National Contact Point to the European Migration Network in Poland (PL NCP EMN). The Report follows the common specifications and methodology prepared by the European Migration Network (EMN). Compiled by: Joanna Sosnowska The European Migration Network was established by Council Decision 2008/381/EC in order to provide up-to-date objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum to Community institutions, Member States authorities and to general public, with a view to supporting policy-making in the EU. The EMN is financed and co-ordinated by the European Commission with National Contact Points (EMN NCPs) established in each EU Member State plus Norway. The electronic version of the National Report is available from under “EMN Poland Publications”.

Disclaimer This Report has been produced by the National Contact Point to the European Migration Network in Poland (PL NCP EMN). This report does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the institutions – members of the PL NCP EMN, or the European Commission, nor are they bound by its conclusions. ISBN: 978-83-64955-20-4

Contact National Contact Point to the European Migration Network in Poland Ministry of the Interior – Migration Policy Department 5, Stefana Batorego St. 02-591 Warsaw, Poland Email: [email protected] Web site: Graphic design, composition, prepress: Czarny Mat, Photo at the cover: Dragan Tatic




his National Report constitutes a compilation of replies to the questions specified in the EMN Questionnaire, which have been provided - on the request of  the Migration Policy Department (Ministry of Interior) - by the staff of the Office for Foreigners.

Table of contents

The Organization of Reception Facilities for Asylum Seekers in Poland

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Top-line “Factsheet”


he aim of this focused study is to outline and summarize significant challenges faced by national authorities responsible for the management and organization of reception facilities for foreign nationals applying for refugee status in Poland (the so-called reception centres). It is particularly important in the context of significant sinusoida