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The publication is available online in Statistics Explained on the Eurostat website. ... the economy, structural business statistics, research and innovation, the digital economy and ..... aggregated geographical information) or NUTS level 3.
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Eurostat regional yearbook

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2017 edition

Eurostat regional yearbook

2017 edition

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Foreword The Eurostat regional yearbook provides statistics on the economy and people in the regions of the European Union (EU). National figures alone cannot reveal the full and sometimes complex picture of what is happening at a more detailed level within the EU. Subnational data help to increase the understanding of the diversity that exists within Member States and across the European Union. As such, the regional statistics presented in this publication complement those provided in the online version of Europe in figures — Eurostat’s yearbook, which concentrates on statistics for the EU-28, euro area and individual Member States. Within the EU, regional statistics are based on the three-level classification of territorial units for statistics, known by the acronym NUTS. The classification, updated every three years, uses harmonised conventions to define regions in a comparable manner, reflecting their diverse physical, demographic and administrative situations. The data presented in this publication are based on the 2013 version of the NUTS classification. They are supplemented by statistics on cities, towns and suburbs, and also rural areas (according to the degree of urbanisation classification). The Eurostat regional yearbook is based on the most recent data available, usually for 2015 or 2016. Whenever possible, it also provides analyses of changes over a five- or ten-year period. These analyses are supported by a range of maps, tables and figures showing regional variations. The publication is available online in Statistics Explained on the Eurostat website. The latest figures can be downloaded from Eurostat’s database, where more disaggregated (and fresher) data may be found. I hope that you enjoy exploring the regions of the European Union!

Mariana Kotzeva Acting Director-General, Eurostat

Eurostat regional yearbook 2017 



Abstract Statistical information is an important tool for understanding and quantifying the impact of political decisions in a specific territory or region