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Not Your Father’s Hearing Aid Over the past decade we have seen remarkable technological improvements in hearing aid instrumentation. We have gone from relatively simple and slow digital amplifiers to mindblowing signal processing speeds and miniaturization. Most notably, today’s top of the line hearing instruments can now process wirelessly between the ears analyzing the location of sound in the environment and rapidly separating speech from noise and helping to maintain natural 3D spatial perception. Speech clarity is significantly improved as well as the quality of music.

Under One Roof

For those who are tech-enthusiasts, today’s modern instruments can be integrated in to your high tech living space through IFTTT protocols, live TV

streaming, and integrated directly to smart phone capabilities. With all the technological advances, there are significant ways to improve one’s receptive communication. However, without proper implementation these tools fall short. The skills of a Doctor of Audiology are essential to best tailor your device for your particular listening experience. Your audiologist here at Evergreen will perform outcome analyses such as real ear microphone measurements, speech in noise testing, and subjective assessments of hearing aid benefit and satisfaction. Working with your Audiologist allows you to get the best performance out of these innovative technologies. Call today to set up your technology review.

(C)APD Treatment Options…. The assessment and treatment of Central Auditory Processing Disorder (C)APD is a common question among our patients, which is why we want to tell you more about the treatment options ESHC Audiologists are able to provide. After a diagnosis of (C)APD is made by an audiologist, certain treatment choices are available through a speech pathologist who works with patients of all ages. Treatment of APD generally focuses on two primary areas: changing the learning or communication environment (“top-down” training) and remediation of the auditory deficit itself (“bottom-up” training). Continued page 3.

Beyond Technology – A Communication Coach’s Perspective By Jessica Lasser, SLP

Here at ESHC, we don’t just treat hearing loss, but also assess and treat communication challenges that come along with it. We look at each person individually and the context in which they are communicating, and work to improve our patients’ total communication abilities so that they become able to maintain relationships and participate in life activities. That’s why we offer additional services to ensure that our patients are achieving their highest level of success in terms of their communication with their family and friends.

What does person centered care look like at ESHC?

Small Group Sessions We offer communication classes once a month for patients and their loved ones. These sessions are facilitated jointly by an audiologist and a communication coach. The class gives patients a chance to meet other people who are also dealing with hearing loss and allows them to learn from each other’s successes and challenges. We discuss ways to manage the listening environment as well as communication strategies for the listener and the speaker. Computer-Based Auditory Training We also offer computer-based auditory training exercises that patients can do at home on their own time. These “listening games” are a fun way to train your brain to interpret auditory information that it may not be accustomed to processing. These sessions can help you listen to speech in the presence of background noise, understand people who speak