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Jan 13, 2017 - STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL IDEA. Add the phenomenal. New York Philharmonic performing Beethoven's 9th and it would create an experience ...
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January 13, 2017

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Music Academy of the West 70th Anniversary Festival

Experience the New York Phil at the Beach!


By Daniel Kepl / VOICE

MAW 70th Season Highlights

COASTAL CONCERT IN SANTA BARBARA IS A STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL IDEA. Add the phenomenal New York Philharmonic performing Beethoven’s 9th and it would create an experience beyond ethereal and audacious. Who could perform this magic? The Santa Barbara • Commissions and Premieres Music Academy of the West has scheduled it for July 31st at La program will present new works and Playa Stadium, which seats 7,000, along with half a dozen other host contemporary composers during near miracle happenings to celebrate their 70th Anniversary the Festival and beyond season. • Music Academy will present the “We have a mantra here that challenges us,” MAW largest classical music event in Santa President and CEO Scott Reed explained during a recent Barbara’s history at La Playa Stadium telephone interview. “It’s a mantra that is almost unattainable, sometimes those are the best mantras, and that is ‘the Music • New Alumni Enterprise Awards Academy in every home.’ The idea behind that is that we Program will fund groundbreaking become advocates, we continue to be committed to providing entrepreneurial projects a classical music experience to anyone, anybody that wants it, • Inaugural Solo Piano competition anybody that’s willing to try it, anybody that comes across it. The historic 70th Anniversary Community will send alumni to perform on national This combination of performance and education – nobody does Concert will mark Alan Gilbert’s final appearance as New York Philharmonic tour in partnership with Steinway & it better.” Music Director. Maestro Gilbert will Sons, a first-ever collaboration as part The New York Philharmonic, under the baton of maestro conduct Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, of the Academy’s new All-Steinway Alan Gilbert, will perform the world famous Beethoven’s 9th featuring Music Academy superstar distinction Symphony, which was recognized by the United Nations as alumna soprano Susanna Phillips (‘02,’03), tenor Joe Kaiser, and bass the first musical score named to the Memory of the World • The Music Academy launches a Morris Robinson as soloists in the work’s Programme Heritage List. The beach side concert will also pioneering classical music conference Ode to Joy. feature a performance by the MAW Academy Orchestra as well. • $50 Million Capital Campaign 6,000 of the 7,000 tickets will be available for $10. The event will Projects completed in 2017 with A host of new initiatives, projects, include a display of fireworks over the Santa Barbara Harbor opening of Hind Hall conferences, and competitions will and in front of the La Playa be launched this summer Stadium for a undreamed including a Commissions & of finale to the Festival Premieres program; a new and capping ten years of alumni Enterprise Awards program; a leadership and innovation by Solo Piano competition; and a Classical Reed. Evolution/Revolution Conference that Lincoln Center in will draw the best and brightest talents New York City was the and strategists in the classical music distinguished venue this business to Santa Barbara on June 19th past Wednesday in which and 20th. “The idea is to bring together Music Academy of the West some of the luminaries, the leaders in our President and CEO Scott [classical music] industry to come and Reed, together with alumni, serve on panels to talk about where the faculty, members of the industry is, how the industry is moving board and administration forward,” Scott explained. “Our fellows gathered to announce the – the average age is 23 – are embarking most ambitious season in on a music career that’s going to take the history of Santa Barbara’s beneficial to the way that we run our business as well.” classical music into the middle of the world famous summer And about body, mind, spirit as the M