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AUGUST  2015


MEMBERSHIP  HIGHLIGHT Access  an  ACCP  Mentor As  a  resident,  fellow,  or  graduate   student  member  of  ACCP,  you  have  an   opportunity  to  develop  a  mentor-­‐ mentee  relaHonship  with  an  established   professional  outside  your  training   program.  Mentors  are  ACCP  member   volunteers  with  at  least  5  years  of   professional  work  experience.  Beginning   August  10,  2015,  you  can  search  for  and   select  a  mentor  who  matches  your   therapeuHc  and  geographic  interests.  As   a  mentee,  you  will  have  the  opportunity   to  receive  career  and  professional   development  guidance,  including   direcHon  on  job  hunHng  and   interviewing,  feedback  on  CV  and  le[er   of  interest  wriHng,  and  advice  on   publishing,  promoHon,  and  research   funding.  Click  to  access  an  ACCP  mentor.

Hire  Me!!  …Please?! What  if  I  say  “Pre[y  please”?  Will  that   help? Applying  to  jobs  is  downright,  no  good,   throw-­‐mud-­‐in-­‐your-­‐face-­‐and-­‐make-­‐you-­‐ feel-­‐worthless,  terrible. I  am  an  admin  resident.  I  thought,  for   sure,  leadership  posiHons  would  never   be  saturated.  With  my  degree  of   professional  drive  and  stunning  smile– high  heel  combo,  employers  would  be   jumping  at  the  chance  to  take  me  on.   Right?!  …  wrong.  See  more Please  direct  comments  on  this  resident   blog  post  to  [email protected]   Want  to  be  featured  as  the  next   resident  blogger?   Please  submit  future  resident  blog  posts   to  Keri  Sims  at  [email protected]

DATES  &  DEADLINES August  10 ACCP  Mentoring  Program   opens August  24 ApplicaHons  due  for  ACCP   Global  Conference  Resident/ Fellow  Travel  Awards September  11 2015  ACCP  Global   Conference  on  Clinical   Pharmacy  early  registraHon   deadline October  2 2015  ACCP  Global   Conference  on  Clinical   Pharmacy  late  registraHon   deadline October  17-­‐21 2015  ACCP  Global   Conference  on  Clinical   Pharmacy


Q  &  A

ACCP  PracHce  and  Research  Networks  (PRNs)  were  established  to  connect  focused   groups  of  clinical  pharmacists  to  enhance  professional  support  and  collaboraHon.  They   each  maintain  an  e-­‐mail  list  for  members  to  discuss  key  informaHon  in  their  fields,  and   their  leadership  prepares  educaHonal  sessions  to  be  delivered  each  year  at  the  ACCP   Annual  MeeHng.  The  PRNs  amplify  the  voices  of  their  members,  allowing  them  to   inform  and  guide  ACCP  policy  from  the  clinician  level.

What  common  barriers  to   residency  project  compleHon   and  publicaHon  should  I  be   aware  of  and  therefore   avoid?

The  Ambulatory  Care  PRN  is  composed  of  pharmacists  from  a  diverse  array  of   outpaHent  sedngs  with  a  parHcular  emphasis  on  the  provision  of  primary  care  for   chronic  diseases.  It  was  one  of  the  first  two  PRNs  established  in  1992  and  is  now  the   third-­‐largest  PRN  with  a  total  of  2241  acHve  members,  including  222  See  more

Will  Forkum,  Pharm.D. PGY2  at  Tennessee  Valley   Healthcare  System  VA,  Nashville,  TN

View  the  response  from  Dr.   Stephen  F.  Eckel

Try  not  to  become  a  man  of  success  but  a  man  of  value. –Albert  Einstein,  a  German-­‐born  physicist  who  developed  the  theory  of  relaHvity   American College of Clinical Pharmacy

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