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Jan 27, 2016 - The language used in BCSTA Bylaw 11. c. viii. is outdated and does not reflect the. Finance ..... on school closures or student programing are being made for financial reasons rather than for .... immunisation/index-eng.php.
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BCSTA Bylaw Update

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E1. BCSTA BYLAW UPDATE SUBMITTED BY: Board of Directors BE IT RESOLVED: That BCSTA amend Bylaw 11 c. as follows: 11 c. The duties of the Finance Committee shall be: i. to monitor the collecting of all dues, fees, levies and other revenues on behalf of the Association; ii. to recommend reasonable controls for the safekeeping of Association funds; iii. to obtain satisfactory evidence that there is a continuing maintenance of proper financial books and records; iv. to monitor the expenditures of Association monies; v. to cooperate with the Board of Directors in the preparation of an annual budget for the following fiscal year; vi. to supervise the calculation and drafting of an annual membership fee scale, in accordance with budget requirements; vii. to ensure that an inventory statement of the Association’s capital assets is completed at the conclusion of each fiscal year; viii. to approve BCSTA’s draft audited financial statements and to report to the Provincial Council as required on the financial status of the Association, substantiated by a banker’s statement and/or an auditor’s statement the audited financial statements; and ix. to review all accounts payable payments in excess of $5,000. RATIONALE: The language used in BCSTA Bylaw 11. c. viii. is outdated and does not reflect the Finance Committee’s duties with regard to BCSTA’s current process for approval and dissemination of BCSTA’s annual audited financial statements, which is as follows: 1. BCSTA’s auditors present the draft audited financial statements to the Finance Committee in September of each year, for approval. Once approved, the statements are no longer draft. 2. The Finance Committee submits the audited financial statements to the Board of Directors for receipt. 3. After receipt of the audited financial statements, the Board forwards the statements to the October Provincial Council for receipt and circulation to member boards.


The Finance Committee therefore requests that BCSTA’s Bylaws be updated to reflect the current duties of the Finance Committee. Extraordinary motion. Relates to Bylaw 11.

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2. DISPOSAL OF SCHOOL SITES LOCATED ON CROWN LAND SUBMITTED BY: Kootenay Boundary Branch BE IT RESOLVED: That BCSTA request the Minister of Education and the Mini