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Cash-flow features such as Advance Funding,. Monthly Aggregate Accommodation ... #1 independent U.S. stop-loss carrier1. • Strongly rated by independent ...
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Fact sheet Rely on our expertise. Get the solutions, specialization, and strength that your business needs. About Sun Life


Sun Life provides


protection and wealth

products and services to millions of people

S pecific and Aggregate products that provide the right mix of coverage to mitigate risk according to each employer’s self-funded strategy

worldwide and is a

Wide variety of run-in, run-out, and paid options

member of the Forbes

E arly rate locks for the ability to make stop-loss coverage decisions sooner (requires nine months of your claims data prior to the effective date)

Global 2000. Independent 3

financial strength ratings place us among the top of

 ash-flow features such as Advance Funding, C Monthly Aggregate Accommodation option, and direct deposit via electronic file transfer

 any ways to tailor the policy by using the M Cancer rider, Mirroring Endorsement, Aggregating Specific deductible, Clinical Trials rider, Terminal Liability rider, Gapless Renewal option, and more

North American insurance organizations. Our Sun Life Stop-Loss block size as of year-end 2016 is: • Business

in force $1.2B

• Policyholders • Covered


lives 4.6M

Consultation S uite of value-added services for Sun Life Stop-Loss customers that deliver insight and cost containment through: •

S unResources® vendor-services access program for dialysis, specialty Rx, out-of-network claim negotiation, and more

SunExcel® transplant-vendor access program

SunEliteSM medical plan document review service

S un Life Stop-Loss Benchmark customized report of the self-insured marketplace

Predictability •

 o New Lasers at Renewal option with Renewal N Rate Cap

No re-disclosure requirement at renewal

Specialization Knowledge •

 thorough understanding of the intricacies of A self-insured plans and how stop-loss insurance can help reduce risk

S pecialized stop-loss executive, underwriting, sales, and service teams all dedicated to helping self-funded clients

Extensive experience successfully working with:

–employers that are using an independent stop-loss provider for the first time, –third party administrators, and –administrative-services-only carriers

Autonomy •

 etention of virtually all of the risk—for both R Specific and Aggregate

F aster responses to customers’ underwriting and claim reimbursement requests because we don’t need a reinsurer’s approval

Excellence •

 imely claims reimbursements provided in an T average of seven business days for complete Specific claims (2015 data)

 ore than $2.7B in reimbursements provided M (2013–2016 data)

 ost-savings opportunities provided by Sun Life C Nurse Consultants both before and after a claim is referred by a case manager or administrator— which actually add up to millions in savings every year4

Strength •

#1 independent U.S. stop-loss carrier1

S trongly rated by independent financial rating agencies2

F inancial strength to reimburse even the largest catastrophic claims

 ore than 30 years of experience in the M stop-loss industry

P remier Member of the Self Insurance Institute of America (SIIA)

Advocate for the