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Handling your Four Divorces: the legal, financial, social, and emotional

Divorce Dispute Resolution Managing your Reputation Financial Divorce Preparation Protecting Children from Conflict


Coping with Holidays


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Table of Contents | .com Directory

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contents... The Legal Divorce The Emotional Divorce


The Financial Divorce


Feature Stories 4

The Four Divorces The legal, financial, social, and emotional impacts of divorce.

22 Managing your Reputation during Divorce How to preserve – or polish – your good name.

28 Happier Holidays during and after Divorce

The Social Divorce

Tips for coping with (and even enjoying) holidays.

Your Essential Divorce Guide 8

Understanding the Divorce Process A basic primer on how the divorce process works.

11 Choosing a Divorce Lawyer Finding the right lawyer for your unique needs.

14 Divorce Dispute Resolution An overview of the options for settling your divorce.

16 Financial Divorce Preparation Seven things to do to prepare for life after divorce.


19 Staying Calm while Negotiating with your Ex Ten tips for keeping your cool during heated discussions.

25 Post-Divorce Financial Checklist Financial “Must Dos” after your divorce.

31 Protecting Children From Conflict Nine tips for reducing the harmful effects of conflict.

34 How are your Children Coping with your Divorce? Recognize the warning signs that your children need help.

36 Nourishing your Stressed-Out Brain


Nutritional tips to help you think clearly and make better decisions during divorce.

38 Your Divorce Community Connect with real people going through their own divorces.

Local Divorce Guide 7

Your Best Online Resources Find professionals who can help you through your divorce.

22a FAQS Professionals answer frequently-asked questions.

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Four Divorces The

The Legal Divorce The Financial Divorce

The Emotional Divorce We think of divorce as a single event – you get divorced and you’re done. The truth is that you need to go through these four divorces: the Legal Divorce, the Financial Divorce, the Social Divorce, and the Emotional Divorce. Here’s how each will affect you.


ost people going through a divorce have certain expectations and end up surprised when things go off track. The reality is there is so much more involved in the divorce process than just the legal piece. The truth is there are really four divorces happening all at the same time, and over a period of time. Everyone goes through each of these divorces differently and over different periods of time. The Four Divorces are: • The Legal Divorce • The Financial Divorce • The Social Divorce • The Emotional Divorce As you and your spouse experience each of these divorces at your own pace, problems may come up that make communication difficult and disrupt attempts at settlement. Let’s take a look at each of these divorces and examine how they affect your overall experience of divorce.

The Legal Divorce The Legal Divorce is what most people think of when they think of “divorce.” It’s simply the legal framework for

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The Social Divorce By M. Marcy J