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Dec 13, 2012 - mobile-point-of-sale-pos-payment-solution-for-processing-state- ... Around $6,800 for a five terminal system with laptop and office printer.
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Farmers Market Advisory Group Texas’ Farmers Market Pilot December 13, 2012


ARRA Funded RFI—April 2009 RFO—September 2010 FMNP—WIC no longer handling Summer 2011 Awards—June 2011 to Novo Dia Group and ii2P Testing—November-December 2011 Began Pilot--December 2011


Requirements: • Shareable—No Tokens or Scrip • Multi-Tender: WIC Produce, WIC FMNP, SNAP, Debit & Credit • Simple • Inexpensive • Similar customer experience to WIC • WIC knows what is bought • Durable Novo Dia Group’s: • iPhone or I Pod Touch based • Uses a cradle for the Apple product for printing and card reading & writing and swiping • Costs can be minimized with Wi-Fi at market (for on-line) • Familiar Apple application format • Uses “cloud” for back office • Other tenders are additional Apps • • Around $3,800 for a five terminal system with netbook and office printer ($683 per terminal) Ii2P’s • Uses standalone hand held device • Familiar point-of-sale terminal • Uses GPRS primarily for data transmission (for on-line) • Uses multi-tender purposed platform • Other tenders injected • • Around $6,800 for a five terminal system with laptop and office printer ($1.095 per terminal)



Associations and Number of Sites: Austin—4 San Antonio—2 (Stopped October 2012) Bryan—2 Fort Worth—4 (Started June 2012) Lubbock—6 (Started August 2012) San Marcos—2 (Started December 2012) Results: Minimal Sales—$2,259.85 through November 26, 2012 Participant Impact—purchases by around 220 participants Lessons Learned: More Sales = More Satisfaction More Tenders = More Sales More Tenders = More Satisfaction Clinic Support and Location = Sales Incentives = Sales Future Activities: Customer Survey User Survey FM Pilot Summit Another Market for San Antonio

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