February 12-19, 2017

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February 12-19, 2017 Sunday, February 12th *========================================================================== 08:01 ATTEMPT PETTY THEFT 1702120064 Occurred on B St, Lincoln. WMA 20's mustache blk hoodie dark jeans with blk/blu backpack towards Disposition: LOG NOTE ONLY. *========================================================================== 18:45 GRAND THEFT REPORT 1702120211 Occurred at LPD Lobby on O St. , Lincoln. SUSPECT STOLE 2 IPADS, CELL PHONES, & LAPTOP. Disposition: REPORT TAKEN. *========================================================================== 20:24 DRUNK DRIVER 1702120229 Occurred at Hwy 65/LINCOLN Blvd, Lincoln. Sb // blue truck swerving ...trans to chp. . Disposition: REFERRED TO OTHER AGENCY. *========================================================================== 22:00 DRUNK DRIVER 1702120246 Occurred at E Joiner Pkwy/Del Webb Blvd (North), Lincoln. Cellular E911 Call: swerving / fluctuating speeds / sb on e joiner, passing Bella Breeze Disposition: CHECKS OK. *========================================================================== 23:38 DRIVING W/SUSP LICENSE 1702120273 Officer initiated activity at Lincoln Blvd/Sterling Pkwy, Lincoln.***ARRESTED: DENNIS, RICHARD JAHMAL DOB: 01/01/1992; CHARGES: 14601 VC; WARRANTS: 14601.1(A)VC TOTAL $6K*** 14602.6(A). . Disposition: ARREST MADE. Monday, February 13th *========================================================================== 01:19 DRUNK DRIVER 1702130010 Occurred at Lowes on Lincoln Blvd. , Lincoln. DAUGHTER, HBD IN RED CAMRY BY LUMBER ENTRANCE, RP IN DODGE RAM..REQ LPD TO HELP GET HER DAUGTHER OUT OF VEH. . Disposition: ASSISTED. *========================================================================== 09:56 VANDALISM REPORT 1702130087 Occurred on 4TH St, Lincoln. Unk subj keyed RPs veh.. Disposition: REPORT TAKEN.

*========================================================================== 12:46 BATTERY/ASSAULT RPT 1702130136 Occurred at Fit 4 Living on Del Webb Blvd. , Lincoln. Known suspect hit RP with his trash bag and pushed him out of the business. . Disposition: ASSISTED. Tuesday, February 14th *========================================================================== 02:28 DRUNK DRIVER 1702140018 Occurred at Hwy 65/WHITNEY Ranch Pkwy, Lincoln. SB // TRANS CHP Disposition: REFERRED TO OTHER AGENCY. *========================================================================== 14:40 WARRANT ARREST 1702140213 Occurred at Raleys on Lincoln Blvd. , Lincoln. Maroon veh with flat tire poss 3 guys laying inside the veh trash near the veh ***********ARRESTED RAQUEL HERNANDEZ DOB/01031985 VIOL SAN JOAQUIN WARRANT TRAFFIC 20,000 BAIL****** Disposition: ARREST MADE. *========================================================================== 14:49 UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 1702140216 Occurred at Chevron Station (Twelve Bridges) on Twelve Bridges Dr. , Lincoln. Male passed out at wheel John L Sullivan plates. . Disposition: CHECKS OK. *========================================================================== 15:31 BURGLARY REPORT 1702140229 Occurred at Lobby on Zoe Ann Dr. , Lincoln. *LOBBY* RP in to report purse stolen 1 hr ago and may know suspect. . Disposition: REPORT TAKEN. *========================================================================== 20:04 WARRANT ARREST 1702140294 Officer initiated activity at Duncan Residence, D St, Lincoln.***ARRESTED: DUNCAN, SARENA DOB: 11/10/1991; WARRANTS: NO BAIL 11377(A)HS*** SARENA DUNCAN TRYING TO GET INSIDE RESIDENCE. . Disposition: ARREST MADE. Wednesday, February 15th *========================================================================== 07:23 MISSING PERSON LOCATE 1702150036 Occurred on J St, Lincoln. Daughter..INFO THAT SHE TURNED 18 TODAY AND SHOULD NO LONGER BE LISTED AS A RUNAWAY .. RP(MOTHER ) ADVISE BROOKE IS GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY ..IF OFFICER NEEDS TO SPEAK TO RP SHE WILL BE AT WORK TODAY AT THE SOURDOUGH IN LINCOLN ..****MUPS SHOWS ROCKLIN PD HAS HER AS MISSING*******. . Disposition: REPORT TAKEN. *=====================================