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Aug 17, 2017 - Champions for Change - Youth Day. The Butterfly Foundation. 31/8/17 ... Fan forcedW ebsite: https://fan-force.com/ screenings/embrace-w.
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What is the Upper Yarra Body Image Working Group?

A collabora!on of local organisa!ons working together to create a whole of community approach to body esteem. This year in August and September, we are pleased to bring to you a series of thought-provoking sessions that have something for everyone! Fan forcedWebsite: https://fan-force.com/ screenings/embrace-warburton-arts-centre-07-09/

Upper Yarra Family Centre Community Room The Yarra Centre Warburton Arts Centre

31/8/17 10am-2pm 4/9/17 9.30-11am 6/9 & 13/9/17 10-11.30am 7/9/17 11.30am-3.30pm

The Butterfly Foundation Body of Wellbeing Eastern Health Eating Disorders Victoria

Your Body, Your Way Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Fitness Instructor & Sports Coaches Training

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Embrace (Movie) Q&A with local experts after the movie

Love Your Body, Move Your Body, Feed Your Body

Champions for Change - Youth Day

7/9/17 7.00pm

[email protected]

Upper Yarra Family Centre Community Room

30/8/17 7-9pm

The Butterfly Foundation Inspiro

Body Confident Children & Teens – Information for Parents & Community Members

Yarra Burn Centre



thebutterflyfoundation.org.au/ourservices/education/for-professionals-and-teachers thebutterflyfoundation.org.au/our-services/education /for-parents or email: [email protected] foundation.org.au or 02 8456 3908 [email protected] or 03 9040 1593

Upper Yarra Family Centre - Community Room

30/8/17 9am-1pm

The Butterfly Foundation

Body Esteem Educator Training

Upper Yarra Family Centre Community Room



Venue Upper Yarra Family Centre - Community Room

Date & Time 17/8/17 9.30am-12pm

LaTrobe University

A morning with Professor Susan Paxton - Stakeholder Forum


Coinciding with Na!onal Body Image and Ea!ng Disorders Awareness Week, “Feed your Awesome” is an opportunity for our whole community to come together and celebrate body diversity and wellbeing.


* Feed your Awesome events – August-September 2017

What is Feed your Awesome?

Feed your

Awesome! Body Image and Ea"ng Disorders Awareness Week 3–9 September 2017* Major Sponsor: Sponsored by:

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Activities A Morning with Professor Susan Paxton

The Upper Yarra Body Image Working Group is delighted to invite you to a morning with Professor Susan Paxton. Susan is a Professor in the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University. During this informal presentation and Q&A, she will present an overview of current body image research including; • General prevalence of body dissatisfaction and impact on health. • The promotion of positive body image and implications for health promotion. • Benefits of an integrated approach to prevention of eating disorders and obesity. • Benefits of the whole of community approach to promoting positive body image. Susan is happy to answer all of your questions about body image and public health.

Champions for Change Youth Day Presented by The Butterfly Foundation

This 4-hour interactive workshop brings together 4-6 students from various schools in our region to share views and ideas on how they can promote positive body confidence in their school community. Students will participate in fun activities to explore body esteem within our culture, explore strategies to become positive body image role models and work in small groups to create an Action Plan to be implemented in their school community.

Body Confident Children & Teens Information for Parents & Community Members Presented by The Butterfly Foundation

Every year, since its inclusion in 2006 in the Mission Australia Youth Survey, body image has been one of the top three areas of personal concern for young people. In this

interactive presentation, parents, carers and community members, will be offered strategies to better support children and teens’ body confidence, including background information about body image and the importance of prevention, a brief overview of eating and body related issues and warning signs, key influences on body confidence, the importance of role modeling positive image and healthy behaviours, ‘fat talk’ and all of the ‘stuff’ they say, behaviours that increase or decrease body satisfaction and referral and support information.

Your Body, Your Way

Body Esteem Educator Training

Love Your Body, Move Your Body, Feed Your Body

(Please note: this is not clinical training about eating disorders)

Presented by The Butterfly Foundation Body satisfaction is a protective factor against eating disorders. Body image is a significant concern for young people aged 6-19 years (Mission Australia Youth Survey, BTN Happiness Survey). This 4-hour workshop is suitable for teachers, youth workers and community professionals working with all genders aged 8-18 years. The session will include: • Latest research and evidence-based approaches to prevention • How the issue is changing and evolving • A selection of activities and resources to support body esteem education • How to develop a positive body esteem environment and whole organisation policy • What to do if you suspect a young person is at risk.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Presented by Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) A 2015 EDV survey of fitness professionals indicated 98% believed eating disorders and body image difficulties to be relevant to their work, but only 27% rated themselves as having a good knowledge of the subject. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is a comprehensive 4-hour education workshop for the fitness industry and sports coaches within Victoria. This workshop will explore myths and stereotypes, eating disorders and obesity, striving for health in an eating disorder journey, understanding eating disorders, the fitness professional’s role, how to raise your concerns, how to support someone and when and where to refer, and how to build protective factors for good mental health in your clients.

Presented by Eastern Health Would you like to feel more freedom around food and enjoyment of eating? This program of 2 x 90 minute sessions presented by dietitians from Eastern Health will help you to understand the balance between healthy nutrition and intuitive eating, the dangers and implications of dieting, your hunger and cravings, and ways to develop more mindful eating.

Presented by Body of Wellbeing For many of us, our self-esteem and body esteem are very closely linked. In this fun seminar, we will explore our body culture and how body image impacts our health-enhancing choices. By bringing the focus back to health, we’ll explore ways to challenge the body culture, and strategies for more freedom around food and eating and enjoyable physical activity.

Embrace – The Documentary Embrace is told from the point of view of Taryn as she traverses the globe talking to experts, women in the street and well-known personalities about the alarming rates of body image issues that are seen in people of all body types. In her affable and effervescent style, Taryn bares all (literally) to explore the factors contributing to this problem and seeks to find solutions. We strongly suggest parents use their discretion when deciding if their adolescents should attend. The rating of the movie is MA which is reflective of the mature scenes, especially around particular body parts. It also contains images and discussion around eating disorders which are potentially triggering.