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Sep 30, 2017 - Field 3 Blue Thunder v Red. Senior men - Field 1. Senior Women - Field 2. 1:40pm Green v Gold. 1:40pm Purple Rain v Blueberry Tarts.
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JULY 2017- 2017 Season - 22nd April to 2nd September Whats on in: August 19th - RHA Semi Finals 26th - RHA Finals September 2nd - RHA Grand Final 3rd - Junior Presentation 9th - Senior Presentation 17-20th - U15 Girls State Championships October 10th Year Gala Celebration

Finals Week UMPIRES -

You will have already been notified by email of your umpire duties but if not sure Click here to check. (if not up please check back). Local Rules for RHA can also be viewed here. NB. you require your own whistle (Fox40 Pea less) and an umpire shirt., these items are available to purchase from the shed; whistles $15 each and umpire shirt $35 each.

Junior and Senior Presentation Junior presentation will be held on Sunday the 3rd of September at HZP. Further information is contained in this newsletter. Senior Presentation will be held at he Cricket Club at HZP on Saturday the 9th of September. Further information will be distributed in the near future.

Trophies There are still a number of Perpetual Trophies that have not yet been returned. If you have one n your possession please drop it to the canteen this Saturday.

End of season Raffle Thank you J1 Gold team, you are on roster this Saturday. Please arrive early to help setup and help out in the canteen. See your team manager for details.

There is a swag of prizes up for grabs in the end of year raffle including, a signed Jamie Dwyer shirt, signed Louise Dobson 1996 Atlanta photo, Hockey Stick and Bag, meat voucher, swimming lessons and many more. Each family will be asked to sell a book of tickets. Tickets cost $2 each or 3 for $5 and will be drawn at the junior presentation.

Dogs A reminder that dogs are not permitted at the hockey fields. We ask that everyone follows this RHA rule to ensure the health and safety of all. In the past a child was bitten. We appreciate dogs are different but we have 1 rule for everyone.


Redlands Hockey Association REGISTER HERE Juniors Playing in the Seniors also register here.

J1 Green it is your turn to help out with setting up and in the canteen. Setting up includes putting out rubbish bins, setting up tables, chairs, gazebos, filling ice bags and whatever else is required. Canteen duties include making sandwiches, BBQ, serving and whatever Stacey asks. Please make an effort to assist remember many hands make lighter work.

Redland Hockey Association Finals Well it is that time of year, finals are here! Congratulations to all the teams who have qualified for finals. Below is the draw for the weekend. It would be great to see as many people as possible supporting the teams as they play. J3 - 9:40am

J2 - 11:00am

Field 2 Red Dragons v Gold Jaguars

Field 2 Blue Tsunami v Red

Field 3 Green Gumballs v Blue Typhoons

Field 3 Green Machine v Gold

J1 12:20 Field 2 Green v Gold Lions Field 3 Blue Thunder v Red

Senior men - Field 1

Senior Women - Field 2

1:40pm Green v Gold

1:40pm Purple Rain v Blueberry Tarts

3:00pm Blue Lightning v Red Hot Scorpions

3:00pm Red Hot Chill Babes v Blue Jays 1:40pm Fluffies v Pink Panthers (Field 3)

Junior Presentation As you know, this is the Redlands Hockey Association’s 10th year. To celebrate this achievement, we have decided to do something different. We will be combining a Celebration and Break-up Carnival on fields 3 and 4 with Presentations on Sunday the 3rd of September. Presentations will run from 9am to 11.30am. The Celebration and Break Up Carnival will commence at 11.30am and conclude and 2.30pm. Carnival Rides & Activities will include: •

30 metre Extreme Obstacle Course

Tropical Island Jumping Cast