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Eco Finca La ISA-Tejeda (Gran Canaria). Are you looking for a surpassing experience? Would you like to spend some unforgettable days at a magical place, ...
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360 Degrees Raw Food Detox - Retreat Body, Mind & Soul Nov. 9th - 11th, 2018 Eco Finca La ISA-Tejeda (Gran Canaria)

Are you looking for a surpassing experience? Would you like to spend some unforgettable days at a magical place, located at on of the most beautiful spots on the island? Do you feel like needing some time for yourself? If you can say Yes to at least one of these three questions, this 3 days retreat is just right for you! Together, we will do a special detox program, bringing body, mind and soul in harmony, regenerate our spiritual aspects and learn how easy it can be to follow a healthy and happy lifestyle. In this retreat, we will prepare raw vegan gourmet food together, that is just perfect to adjust yourself to high vibrations. This food is made out of regional eco products. Also, we are just starting to prepare ourselves for the coming Advent season, learning how to make raw vegan Christmas sweets and chocolate. If you wish, you can use this recipes for making small and healthy gifts to your friends and family, and you can also take some sweets home with you.

Our Program In addition to our core program (raw vegan workshops, meditation & Yoga), you can book single healing and massage sessions in the slots for the optional program (not included in the price) Friday, Nov. 9th 2018 10:00-11:00 Arrival in ECO Finca La ISA Detox Juice Welcome Drink 11.00 - 12:00 First part of theory: Introduction to vegan raw food & the influence of your mind on your body 12.00 – 14:00 Cooking class Lunch: We prepare our first raw vegan gourmet meal together 14:00-17:00 Optional program 17:00 – 18:00 Yoga session 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr Cooking class Dinner: We prepare our raw vegan gourmet dinner together 20:00-22:00 Time for conversations and relaxing together at the bonfire with music and ayurvedic treats

Saturday, Nov. 10th 2018 08:00-09:00 Yoga session 09:00 – 10:30 Raw vegan breakfast 10:30-13:00 Second part of theory: - How to change your lifestyle with success - How to prepare your body for raw food - How to support your body intuition - The importance of fasting and how to fasten properly - Juice isn’t always the same! - The secret power of water - Bioscan basis check - Vitamins, enzymes, toxines, allergies - The pH value in your body cells

13:00-15:00 Cooking class: Raw vegan gourmet lunch 15:00-17:00 Optional program
 17:00-18:00 Yoga session 18:00 – 20:00 Cooking class dinner: Raw vegan gourmet dinner 20:00-22:00 Time for conversations and relaxing together at the bonfire with music and ayurvedic treats or water ceremony

Sunday, Nov. 11th 2018 08:30-09:30 Yoga session 09:30-11:00 Raw vegan breakfast 11:00-13:00 Third part of theory: - What equipment do you need to start your raw vegan cuisine? - Different kinds of preparing raw vegan meal: fermentation and drying - Nutrition theory: bioactive nutritions and how to combine them; superfoods - How to successfully integrate raw food into your every day life 13:00-15:00 Cooking class lunch: We prepare our last raw vegan lunch 15:00-17:00 Introduction to our next detox retreat Goody Bag

Optional program Would you like to amplify your program, relax even more or support the detox in your body? In addition, you can use the free slots to book a single session for yourself (for more information about the methods, please have a look at the section „team“)

Bio-Emotional Massage with Valentina Napoletano - 25 EUR (60 min) 

Access Bars® or Access Facelift® Sitzung with Sonja Neuroth - 25 EUR (20 min) or 90 EUR (60-90 min)

Our team Chief Felice Ibraheem and Barbara Martiri own the first ra vegan pastry in Gran Canaria, „La Dulce Boutique“, where you can find delicious sweets, as well as savory options like sandwiches, pizza and daily meals - of course, all raw vegan. The two have been a perfect team in regards to the raw vegan cuisine for about 6 years. This trend to eat healthy an vital is growing more and more. The two chiefs were trained by star pastry chief Vito Cortese, who has opened the first raw vegan confectionery GREZZO in Rome. Jasmin Dué has been introduced to healthy nutrition since she was a child, because her family cared a lot for Jasmin’s brother, who got serious neurodermatitis being just a few weeks old. The nutrition expert has been concerned with raw food since the mid 1990’s. In Germany, she is doing workshops on clean water, holistic health and diet, as well as bioactive nutrition. She supports people in finding and living a sustainable, holistic and healthy lifestyle and having fun with it. Valentina Napoletano has brought the BIO-Emotional Massage to Gran Canaria. This special form of massage has been developed by Stefano de Michio, massage therapist and massage teacher, in 2007. Bio-Emotional Massage is a sensual journey for body and soul, that can also dissolve trauma. This massage contributes energetically to more self-esteem and loving yourself, supports sleep and reduces stress and pain. Ewa Nitka Dudzik comes from Poland, but now she has lived in Gran Canaria for nine months. She started as a fitness instructor with her own Fitness&Yoga studio in Poland. Currently, her great passion and philosophy of her life is yoga. For over 10 years she has been a certified personal trainer and Hatha Yoga (Yoga Alliance) and Vinyasa Power Yoga (Vinyasa Power Yoga Academy) teacher. She did a lot of workshops like Yoga Wheel, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga introduction and etc. , but her greatest joy is the fluently practice - Vinyasa, based on the combination of movement and breathing, leading to meditation in motion. Sonja Neuroth is integral life consultant and assists people to step into their true inner power. One of her core areas is changing thought patterns. She has been dealing with raw vegan diet for some years, as well as with the influence of the mind onto the body. She also works with body processes like Access Bars® and Access Facelift®, that help to let go of limiting thought patterns, stress and emotions, to find harmony with one’s body and to have a better intuition for the body.

Please be aware In November, it tends to be relatively warm in Gran Canaria, but Finca La ISA is located in the mountains - so it can get cold in the evenings and nights. Please bring some warmer clothes like long trousers and a warm jacket with you, besides your summer clothes.

Prices (accommodation included) Single room: 360 EUR per person Shared twin room: 330 EUR per person 30% discount for Gran Canaria residents Booking via Jasmin Dué: [email protected], +49 172 9908686 Sonja Neuroth: [email protected]