Fire Prevention Division - San Ramon Valley Fire

Aug 12, 2009 - Emergency Preparedness Fair - Marketing. 4. ... N:\Accreditation\2009 - 2010\Reference Docs\Category 5 - Programs\5C.6\August mtg.doc.
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Fire Prevention Division San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District


AUGUST 12, 2009

1400 HRS


Division Staff


Jamison, Kurtz, Evitt, Stevens, Wendel, Castro, Green, Hoy, Bell, Phares, Hardage, French Absent: Bartusch, Vanek

Special Events Joyce 1. 2. 3. 4.


Currently working on Weed Abatement Special Events – Sign up for overtime. Emergency Preparedness Fair - Marketing LPGA – September 24 thru 27

PIO Kim Kim –Late arrival. Fire Investigations/ Significant Incidents Natalie/Julie Major Construction Ian 1. White Pine Lane – Finishing up Fire Investigation 2. Captains Meeting – Juvenile Referral Form 3. Intranet - Has not been launched yet. Pushing for 8/17/09 4. T Cards (Incident Cards) Put in assigned vehicles – also have ID Tag (Chief Collins prefers T Cards). 5. Fire Investigation more than Cause & Origin. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Major Construction 1. City Center plans for next year. 2. First tower break ground next month. Camino Ramon to Alcosta. 3. Silver Oak Lane – Leaks in the Hydrant system, 4 hydrants still down. Forward calls to Ian/Christina. 4. Alamo Hardware OK today at 12:27PM. Building Inspector coming at 1:00pm. Family owned – Waiting to open. Code Compliance Rian/David/Debbie/Roy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Eco Fest – New event. EVENT CANCELLED. Cigarette Safety –Rian spoke to Building managers and tenants. Violation letters go out today. Rian is working on Dave’s Inspections. Station 32 – Gate opens to retaining wall. Truck cannot enter. Letters to the Diablo HOA – Hydrants are overgrown with vegetation. Bollinger Canyon (Las Trampas) Fire – Natalie and Rian assisted Andy Swartzell. Sue Green assisted Rebecca with phones at the front desk during the Las Trampas fire.

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Committee Reports 1. Kim: Danville Ranch neighborhood cleanup was a success. 2. Joyce did not attend Norcal meeting but will attend meeting next week. 3. Roy – Everyone likes the new blue shirts. 4. Rian: Safety Committee – Produced a new form “How you were injured?” Will speak with the union. 5. Rian attended the Code Hearings in Sacramento for Fire and Building Codes. 6. Dave: Core Business Service an all group staff meeting took place this week. Will meet again in 1014 days. 7. Natalie started retrieving information for Accreditation. 8. Ian – Fire code Committee (No meeting). Fire Marshal Updates Christina Jamison 1. Board Meeting is August 25, 2009. Third Party Review regarding the Management Retirement System. Dan Borenstein will attend. 2. Accreditation: - 4 to 5 month push - Integrate Excellence Plan - Valuable for organization - Communicate your work load with Christina. 3. Fire Code Books – Received inserts for January. After 8/24/09 put in code book. 4. Training CenterTower / Chief Price moving forward – looking at 3 sites. Round Table Ian – No comment Natalie – Inquired if Pepper Spray could be used during Weed Abatement inspections. Idea rejected. Louise - Weed abatement and cert phone calls. Rebecca – FP Database – a change when receiving plan reviews. Invoice/Print. Sue – McFarland donation – Money forwarded to Sonia Martyn. Dave – No comment Rian – No comment Joyce – No comment Roy – No comment Meeting Adjourned

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