Investment Plan (CIP) for the EFCC sectors, (ii) support development of new functions and organizational structure in the MoEF, and (iii) improve technical ...
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FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS Terms of Reference for Consultant /PSA  Minimum number of years of relevant experience required: 1yr  3yrs 5yrs  12+yrrs  Job Title:

International Consultant- Environmental economics



Programme/Project Number: Strengthening the Environment, Forestry and climate change capacities of the Ministry of Environment and Forests Location: Dhaka- Bangladesh Expected Start Date of Assignment: Reports to:



Duration: Title:

3 months with 80 working days

Project Coordinator/CTA


Background MoEF has been implementing the project “Strengthening the Environment, Forestry and Climate Change Capacities of the MoEF and its Agencies” in order to better address Environment, Forestry and Climate Change (EFCC) challenges in Bangladesh. The project is funded by USAID, and supported by FAO. The project aims to (i) develop, adopt, implement and monitor a Country Investment Plan (CIP) for the EFCC sectors, (ii) support development of new functions and organizational structure in the MoEF, and (iii) improve technical capacities and know-how in the MoEF and its agencies. Completion of a second draft of the CIP is expected by the end of April and a final document is expected by June 2016. Concurrently, the Ministry is also taking steps to identify and implement institutional arrangements to coordinate, oversee, and monitor the Investment Plan. While a permanent monitoring structure will require some time, interim arrangements are already being discussed so that a first cycle of monitoring can begin as soon as the CIP is completed. Objectives and activities Under the overall supervision of the FAO Representative in Bangladesh, the technical supervision of the Lead Technical Officer (LTO), LTU and other relevant Divisions and services in FAO, the direct supervision of the CTA/Project Coordinator, and in close cooperation with other project team members the incumbent will: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Provide technical support to the CTA in the finalization of the country investment plan (e.g., costing of investment priorities, identification of indicators and targets, etc.) Contribute to the organization and delivery of trainings, workshops, consultations, to support CIP finalization, coordination and monitoring, as per training plan Assist with the initial setting up of a monitoring framework to track the performance of environmental investments. Contributing to reports and other communication materials produced by the project Any related duty, as needed


Expected Outputs:

Required Completion Date:

1. 2. 3.

Draft work plan prepared and discussed in the first two weeks of assignment Final draft of the CIP completed by the end of June 2016 Co-organization and contribution to the delivery of relevant national and international trainings, as per training plan

1. 2.

Two weeks from EOD June 30, 2016


See training plan

Qualification and Experience:     

Relevant advanced degree in Economics (Climate change, Environment, Water resources, Natural Resources) or closely related field Excellent analytical, writing and communication skills Some familiarity with Bangladesh or South Asia strongly preferred Proven expertise in the preparation of projects/programs Ability to work under independently and in a multi-cultural environment

How to Apply Interested applicants are required to create an online Personal Profile form (PPF) in iRecruitment. To create the PPF, please follow the instructions available at: The PPF along with a cover letter should be sent via email to: [email protected] Deadline for applications: 15 April 2016.