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Synergies Synergiesbetween betweenthe the R&I R&IFramework FrameworkProgrammes Programmes and andthe theEuropean EuropeanStructural Structural &&Investment InvestmentFunds Funds

Research Research and and Innovation Innovation


EUROPEAN COMMISSION EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate B – Open Innovation and Open Science Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Unit – Spreading excellence and widening participation Unit B.5B.5 – Spreading excellence and widening participation Directorate B – Open Innovation and Open Science Contact: Laurila Contact: PiaPia Laurila E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] European Commission European Commission B-1049 Brussels B-1049 Brussels


EU Funds working together for jobs and growth Examples of synergies between the Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020) and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)


Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Spreading excellence and widening participation

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Table of contents Foreword


1. Synergies aim at maximising the impact of investment on research and innovation


2. How can support from Horizon 2020 and ESIF be combined in a synergetic manner?


3. Examples of synergies at strategic and programming level


4. Examples of synergies at project implementation level


4.1 Bringing together funding from Horizon 2020 and ESIF in an integrated research and innovation project


4.2 Funding actions that build research and innovation capacities of actors aimed at participating in the Framework Programme/Horizon 2020 or in other internationally competitive research and innovation programmes (sequential – upstream)


4.3 Funding actions that capitalise on already implemented Framework Programme/ Horizon 2020 research and innovation actions aimed at market uptake (sequential – downstream)


4.4 Combining funding from the Framework Programme/Horizon 2020 and ESIF (and/or from other sources) for coordinated parallel actions that complement each other