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Jan 19, 2016 - Revenue from SmartTrans' operations in China for with Half Year FY2016 ... The company has agreements in place with China Mobile, China ...
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SmartTrans delivers another record with revenue of $3.69 million for Q2 FY2016 in China SmartTrans Holdings Limited ASX: SMA An Australian based Technology Solutions Company

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Shares on issue: 2212 M Unlisted Options: 166 M Market Cap: $AUD 122M 52 week high: 7.1 cents 52 week low: 0.9 cents Directors: Dr. Geoff Raby Non-Executive Chairman Mr Bryan Carr CEO & Managing Director Mr Andrew Forsyth Non-Executive Director Mr Yui (Ian) Tang Non-Executive Director Mr Greg Simpson Non-Executive Director Mr Ian Hawkins Executive Director Melbourne Office: Level 1, 10 Queens Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia Beijing Office: Room 101 Building 22 Courtyard 4 Gong Ti Bei Lu Chaoyang District Beijing 100027 PR China Phone (Aus): +61 (03) 9866 7333 Phone (China): +86 (10) 6500 0910 Website: Twitter: Youtube:

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59% increase in revenue from the previous Quarter 620% increase in revenue from the corresponding Quarter in FY2015 Fourth consecutive month of revenue over $1 million with $1.28m billed in December Strategic marketing investment in SmartPay platform paying off as revenue growth continues Company will drive marketing investment in SmartPay to sustain and grow revenue streams SmartTrans continues to assess additional opportunities for SmartPay in China

19 January 2016: SmartTrans Holdings Limited (ASX: SMA) (SmartTrans or Company) is pleased to announce that the Company has booked record revenue from its operations in China of $3.69 million for the quarter ended 31 December 2015. This result represents an increase of 59% on the previous quarter’s revenue of $2.27 million and an increase of 620% on revenue for the corresponding quarter in FY2015 ($512,000).


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Revenue from SmartTrans’ operations in China for with Half Year FY2016 in red December represents the fourth consecutive month that the Company has achieved monthly revenue in excess of $1 million from its China operations with $1.28m billed in December. The Company is greatly encouraged by this result, which it attributes to its strategic and ongoing investment in marketing of a wide and diverse range of Apps and contents now available via the SmartPay platform. This marketing investment is delivering higher transaction rates along with good customer retention and growing revenue streams. SmartTrans will continue its focus on strategically and selectively marketing Apps and content available through the SmartPay platform in China in order to sustain and grow these revenue streams, while maintaining the Company’s reputation as the partner of choice for those who wish to market to consumers in China. Integrity / Innovation / Inspiration / Information

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SmartTrans Managing Director, Bryan Carr, stated: “This is another great result for SmartTrans and one that affirms our decision to invest in marketing the wide range of offerings we now have available to consumers in China via SmartPay.” “Not only is this ongoing investment serving to strengthen and grow the significant revenue streams that we are now achieving with SmartPay, it is also helping to maintain our well established position as the billing partner of choice in this exciting and evolving marketplace.” “We continue to assess a number of significant opportunities for additional partnerships for the SmartPay product in China and I look forward to updating shareholders on these as they occur and on our activities across the business in our quarterly report towards the end of