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While there has been an explosion of different data capture and analysis tools for both homogeneous and heterogeneous data, current integration solutions fail to address the complexities of modern business. The typical middleware fix for data integration and inter- system communication often proves too inflexible and.
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FOR THE FAST AND THE CURIOUS Live the Data-Inspired Future

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Chapter 1

The Data-Inspired Future

Chapter 2


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Chapter 4


Chapter 5

The Middleware Knot

Chapter 6

Data Platform as a Service

Chapter 7

Live the Future, Not Lug the Past

The Data-Inspired Future



Live the Data-Inspired Future

A Brave New World Several massive paradigm shifts are underway across all industries, radically changing the way enterprises do business, regardless of vertical. The demands of tomorrow’s economy are forcing enterprises to move from an optimization focus to an innovation-driven model. The dynamics of the modern marketplace are defined by accelerating change. Enterprises that aim to secure a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving landscape will need to adopt proactive innovation as a core component of their business strategies in order to achieve long-term success.

Modern enterprises succeed when they adapt to industry and marketplace shifts and incorporate new technology into company culture and regular operations. - Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst of Futurum Research

Process-Driven Economy

Innovation-Driven Economy

System of Records (Data in Silos)

System of Engagement (Integrated Data)

Data Analysis (“What did we do?”)

Data Insights (“What should we do?”)

Live the Data-Inspired Future

Making the Shift Shifting to an innovation-driven business model will require adopting a data-centric approach. Enterprises will need to leverage every channel and type of data for critical intelligence and insight to inform their business strategy and accelerate innovation, enabling them to adapt and evolve to not only meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace, but shape it.



Data Patterns

INSPIRE the Future





Live the Data-Inspired Future




Previously, enterprises focused on optimizing internal homogenous data from existing business platforms and systems. This model is no longer adequate. Now, enterprises need to leverage data captured internally and externally, across all channels from the entire spectrum of business departments and activities. An innovation-driven strategy needs to tap into the market and operational intelligence contained in heterogeneous data external to the enterprise. As data increasingly shifts to the central axis of business, enterprises will not only need to enhance their abilities to capture it, but unify the various silos where it is contained in order to use it to maximum effect.






“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” - Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President at Gartner Research

While there is an abundance of tools and methods by which data can be captured, extracting actionable intelligence is an entirely different challenge and will serve as the cornerstone of any modern business enterprise. With the accelerating variety, volume, and velocity of data, transforming that raw data into insight will require sophisticated data analytics tools and expertise in data science that not only allows enterprises to uncover hidden patterns, but enables them to build a coherent model of the business to drive its innovation strategy.

Insight into market movements and industry shift