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building audiences, organising events and managing timelines, budgets and ... should be a fluent user of social media and database software and confident with ... Each year three Forward prizes – for Best Collection, Best First Collection and ...
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Forward  Prizes  Manager         We  seek  a  highly  organised  and  motivated  individual  to  manage  the  Forward  Prizes  for  Poetry  and  to  ensure   the  smooth  running  of  the  Forward  Arts  Foundation.  This  is  a  part-­‐time,  4  days  a  week  post,  based  in  our  offices   at  Somerset  House  (London)  and  reporting  to  the  Executive  Director.     OVERVIEW:     We  expect  you   •   To  manage  the  Forward  Prizes:  organising  submissions,  creating  timelines,  preparing  the  judging   meetings,  promoting  the  Prizes  and  Forward  Books,  working  on  event  venue  logistics,  liaising  with   sponsors  Forward  Worldwide  on  book  production   •   To  work  on  year-­‐round  communications  across  the  organisation,  including  National  Poetry  Day   •   To  manage  an  efficient  and  productive  office,  serving  as  main  conduit  for  the  administrative  and   operations  workflow,  preparing  paperwork  for  audit,  monitoring  income/expenditure  and  liaising  with   the  Accountant,  Finance  Sub-­‐Committee  and  Administrator       CANDIDATE  PROFILE:     The  ideal  candidate  will  be  meticulous,  efficient  and  highly  organised,  familiar  with  the  contemporary  UK   poetry  sector,  with  at  least  three  years  of  experience  of  working  in  a  literature/arts/cultural  organisation,   building  audiences,  organising  events  and  managing  timelines,  budgets  and  financial  administration.  S/he   should  be  a  fluent  user  of  social  media  and  database  software  and  confident  with  Excel,  InDesign  and   Wordpress.  Project  management  and  marketing  experience  a  definite  advantage.         SKILLS  SPECIFICATION:     Essential   •   Familiarity  with  the  UK  poetry  sector,  including  poets,  publishers  and  organisations   •   At  least  three  years  of  experience  in  one  of  the  following:  publishing,  a  literature/arts/cultural   organisation,  running  a  prize/award,  event  management   •   Experience  with  accounts,  budgets,  financial  reporting.  Fluent  in  Excel.     •   Ability  to  build  strong  relationships  with  a  variety  of  stakeholders   •   Strong  social  media  marketing  skills   •   Familiarity  with  Wordpress  CMS   •   Event  management  experience   •   Project  management  experience     Desirable   •   InDesign  experience   •   Experience  using  Submittable,  or  other  online  submissions  software   •   Experience  of  working  on  a  CRM  database   Page  1  of  3  

      SALARY  &  BENEFITS:     •   £25,000  pro  rata  per  annum.     •    25  days’  annual  leave  per  annum  (pro-­‐rated  to  20  days  per  annum);  defined  contribution  pension   scheme  for  all  employees.       •   A  varied  and  fulfilling  job  in  a  leading  literary  charity;  a  chance  to  work  closely  with  writers,  publishers   and  producers     KEY  RESPONSIBILITIES:     Forward  Prizes  and  Books   •   Creating  and  maintaining  timelines  and  workflow  streams  for  the  Forward  Prizes  and  Forward  Books.     •   Managing  submissions,  liaising  with  judges  and  shortlisted  poets.     •   Working  with  Editor  and  Designer  at  Forward  Worldwide  on  book  production   •   Manage  mail-­‐outs;  entry  forms,  books,  invitations  etc   •   Lead  on  all  event  logistics  for  the  Forward  Prize  ceremony  in  partnership  with  Southbank  Centre     Communications   •   Work  with  the  Executive  Director  and  external  PR  agency  on  implementation  of  year-­‐round   communications  strategy,  including  drafting  regular  e-­‐newsletters  &  social  media  posts   •   Basic  maintenance  and  updates  of  website   •   General  design  work;  entry  forms,  invitations,  adverts       Financial  Management   •   Draw  up  budgets/cash  flows  with  Executive  Director,  FAF  Accountant  and  Finance  Committee.   •   Monitor  all  income  and  expenditure,  including  banking,  issuing  payments,  chasing  invoices  and  regular   cashflow  forecasting   •   Prepare