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building audiences, organising events and managing timelines, budgets and ... should be a fluent user of social media and database software and confident with ... Each year three Forward prizes – for Best Collection, Best First Collection and ...
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Forward  Prizes  Manager         We  seek  a  highly  organised  and  motivated  individual  to  manage  the  Forward  Prizes  for  Poetry  and  to  ensure   the  smooth  running  of  the  Forward  Arts  Foundation.  This  is  a  part-­‐time,  4  days  a  week  post,  based  in  our  offices   at  Somerset  House  (London)  and  reporting  to  the  Executive  Director.     OVERVIEW:     We  expect  you   •   To  manage  the  Forward  Prizes:  organising  submissions,  creating  timelines,  preparing  the  judging   meetings,  promoting  the  Prizes  and  Forward  Books,  working  on  event  venue  logistics,  liaising  with   sponsors  Forward  Worldwide  on  book  production   •   To  work  on  year-­‐round  communications  across  the  organisation,  including  National  Poetry  Day   •   To  manage  an  efficient  and  productive  office,  serving  as  main  conduit  for  the  administrative  and   operations  workflow,  preparing  paperwork  for  audit,  monitoring  income/expenditure  and  liaising  with   the  Accountant,  Finance  Sub-­‐Committee  and  Administrator       CANDIDATE  PROFILE:     The  ideal  candidate  will  be  meticulous,  efficient  and  highly  organised,  familiar  with  the  contemporary  UK   poetry  sector,  with  at  least  three  years  of  experience  of  working  in  a  literature/arts/cultural  organisation,   building  audiences,  organising  events  and  managing  timelines,  budgets  and  financial  administration.  S/he   should  be  a  fluent  user  of  social  media  and  database  software  and  confident  with  Excel,  InDesign  and   Wordpress.  Project  management  and  marketing  experience  a  definite  advantage.         SKILLS  SPECIFICATION:     Essential   •   Familiarity  with  the  UK  poetry  sector,  including  poets,  publishers  and  organisations   •   At  least  three  years  of  experience  in  one  of  the  following:  publishing,  a  literature/arts/cultural   organisation,  running  a  prize/award,  event  management   •   Experience  with  accounts,  budgets,  financial  reporting.  Fluent  in  Excel.     •   Ability  to  build  strong  relationships  with  a  variety  of  stakeholders   •   Strong  social  media  marketing  skills   •   Familiarity  with  Wordpress  CMS   •   Event  management  experience   •   Project  management  experience     Desirable   •   InDesign  experience   •   Experience  using  Submittable,  or  other  online  submissions  software   •   Experience  of  working  on  a  CRM  database   Page  1  of  3  

      SALARY  &  BENEFITS:     •   £25,000  pro  rata  per  annum.     •    25  days’  annual  leave  per  annum  (pro-­‐rated  to  20  days  per  annum);  defined  contribution  pension   scheme  for  all  employees.       •   A  varied  and  fulfilling  job  in  a  leading  literary  charity;  a  chance  to  work  closely  with  writers,  publishers   and  producers     KEY  RESPONSIBILITIES:     Forward  Prizes  and  Books   •   Creating  and  maintaining  timelines  and  workflow  streams  for  the  Forward  Prizes  and  Forward  Books.     •   Managing  submissions,  liaising  with  judges  and  shortlisted  poets.     •   Working  with  Editor  and  Designer  at  Forward  Worldwide  on  book  production   •   Manage  mail-­‐outs;  entry  forms,  books,  invitations  etc   •   Lead  on  all  event  logistics  for  the  Forward  Prize  ceremony  in  partnership  with  Southbank  Centre     Communications   •   Work  with  the  Executive  Director  and  external  PR  agency  on  implementation  of  year-­‐round   communications  strategy,  including  drafting  regular  e-­‐newsletters  &  social  media  posts   •   Basic  maintenance  and  updates  of  website   •   General  design  work;  entry  forms,  invitations,  adverts       Financial  Management   •   Draw  up  budgets/cash  flows  with  Executive  Director,  FAF  Accountant  and  Finance  Committee.   •   Monitor  all  income  and  expenditure,  including  banking,  issuing  payments,  chasing  invoices  and  regular   cashflow  forecasting   •   Prepare  financial  and  other  monitoring  reports  for  finance  committee,  statutory  funders  and  other   donors.                    


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ABOUT  FORWARD  ARTS  FOUNDATION:     “So  how  do  you  even  begin  to  measure  the  weight  of  love?  It  wasn’t  just  that  my  name  was  called   that  shocked  me  –  it  was  the  fact  that  the  audience,  there  at  the  Southbank  Centre,  whooped  and   shouted  ‘Yesss!’”  –  Kei  Miller  on  winning  the  Forward  Prize  for  Poetry  2014.     Forward  Arts  Foundation  is  a  charity  that  enables  all  to  enjoy,  discover  and  share  poetry.  Through  our  two  main   programmes,  National  Poetry  Day  and  the  Forward  Prizes  for  Poetry  –  and  the  Forward  books  –  we  celebrate   excellence  in  poetry  and  widen  its  audience.       The  Forward  Prizes  for  Poetry,  now  in  their  25th  year,  are  among  the  literary  world’s  most  coveted  awards:  in   the  words  of  Carol  Ann  Duffy,  they  “have  turned  a  spotlight  on  contemporary  poetry  which  is  both  searching   and  glamorous”.    Each  year  three  Forward  prizes  –  for  Best  Collection,  Best  First  Collection  and  Best  Single   Poem  –  are  awarded  at  the  Royal  Festival  Hall  in  September,  and  the  winners  enjoy  international  prestige.  The   prizes  are  unique  in  placing  new  voices  alongside  established  writers:  past  winners  include  Thom  Gunn,  Ted   Hughes,  Alice  Oswald,  Seamus  Heaney,  Daljit  Nagra,  Simon  Armitage  and  Claudia  Rankine.       The  annual  Forward  Book  of  Poetry,  distributed  in  conjunction  with  Faber  &  Faber,  is  an  anthology  of  works  by   15  shortlisted  and  100  highly-­‐commended  poets,  which  is  sold  in  bookshops  and  online,  and  distributed  to   schools.        


APPLICATION:     Please  submit  your  CV  with  an  accompanying  letter,  setting  out  your  reasons  for  applying  for  this  post  and   drawing  attention  to  particularly  relevant  qualifications  that  match  the  profile  and  skills  specification.  Two   referees’  names  should  be  included  but  references  will  only  be  taken  up  in  the  event  of  your  being  selected  for   the  post.     Please  say  how  you  found  out  about  this  job.       Applications  should  be  addressed  to  Susannah  Herbert  and  submitted  via  our  Submittable  page.  You  should   receive  an  email  confirming  receipt  of  your  email  application  within  2  working  days.       EQUAL  OPPORTUNITIES:       We  particularly  welcome  applications  from  black  and  minority  ethnic  candidates,  as  they  are  under-­‐   represented  within  the  arts.  We  believe  poetry  is  for  everyone,  regardless  of  age,  disability,  gender,  gender   reassignment,  marital  status,  maternity  and  pregnancy,  race,  religion,  class  and  sexual  orientation.  Forward   Arts  Foundation  is  an  equal  opportunities  employer.         The  closing  date  for  applications  is  18  May  2016.  Interviews  will  take  place  over  the  week  of  23  May.  

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