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Specifically, I had mentioned “staying tall,” keeping the shoulders up to main- tain upper-body posture. With this, we still want to get low at the line — with.
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Balancing Power and Repetition LAST TIME, WE LOOKED at the effect timing has on your posture and leverage at the line. While we focused on the side view in analyzing this position, this time we are going to focus on the finish position from the back view.

to the sequential motion of the body to create power and balance at delivery. Essentially, we get power from the legs up. You’ll find a good analogy observing a batter in baseball. The step toward the pitch for power precedes the swing of the bat. A batter wouldn’t step and finish: Should… a) the ball should be Specifically, I had mentioned “staying swing at the same time, and certainly there before you? b) you be there before tall,” keeping the shoulders up to mainwouldn’t swing and then step. Also the ball? c) you and the ball be there tain upper-body posture. With this, we consider a baseball pitcher, who winds together? still want to get low at the line — with up with his legs for power before throwWhile many choose C — which was your hips. ing the ball. It wouldn’t make sense to a good answer years ago when equipSo let’s take a closer look at the funcwind up and throw at the same time, or ment was weaker and bowlers had to tion your legs play in achieving a strong, to throw and then wind up. This type roll the ball more directly to the pocket, athletic delivery position at the finish. of sequential movement from the lower generally speaking, than in today’s game Before we do, however, let’s preface body creates torque throughout the body — the correct answer is B. Just keep this with an important thought on the to the swing to generate power from the in mind that we are talking about split timing: There is a mentality to proper legs, the strongest muscles in the body. seconds. timing at delivery. So, the equivalent motion in bowling Although timing varies among bowlEarly on in my book, I ask the folis to move your trail leg to the oppoers, based on style, this question alludes lowing question regarding timing at the site side of your body at delivery, thereby generating “torque” through your hips and then to your swing naturally. Know that it takes a moment to do this; thus, the slightly later timing to get the body to the line before the ball. The body precedes the object it projects for leverage and power. As a right-hander, your right leg functions to initiate delivery, doing three major things: 1. creating a slot for the swing to come through (straight under the shoulder); 2. generating power; and 3. balancing your body. Then and Now: Don Carter’s right leg is straight back and his shoulders are square at Much of this is a funcdelivery (left), while Chris Barnes’s swing shoulder is dropped and his leg is to the other tion of strength and/or flexside of his body. The leverage necessary today is much different than that of the past, as ibility. I caution you that the equipment has gotten so much stronger. it is easier not to use your

Reprinted/Posted with permission from Bowlers Journal International. 54

Bowlers Journal International | October 2016

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9/28/16 11:43 AM

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legs, just like it is easier to not go to the gym and do squats. It takes strength and exertion to use your legs. So when you try, do not give up too easily; that would be easy to do. Once you feel this position, you will have a lot more respect for the sport aspect of bowling. It truly is athletic to use your legs fully at the line. If you have ever been told to bend more at the line, consider it a function of your trail leg, and possibly your trail foot, to accomplish this. If your back leg kicks up off the ground, your knee will pop up. If your back leg stays low and stretches away from your delivery foot, your slide knee will bend more, lowering your hips. To get as low as you can, try this tric