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Make-up Artist

Build your future the INTEC way

Qualify as a Make-up Artist and give your career a facelift! Even the most beautiful actresses, models and celebrities need the services of a make-up artist to enhance their looks. As a make-up artist you could meet famous people from across the globe and experience the thrill of working on a movie, TV set, or going on tour with some of the most amazing stage productions. This course introduces you to the fascinating field of make-up. Programme Types offered at INTEC College


National Qualifications are credit-bearing qualifications registered

on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) and accredited by a Quality Assurance Body, such as a SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority). A skills programme is an accredited component of a national qualification.

Agent Programmes are programmes for which INTEC offers tuition, Agent Programme but where INTEC does not issue the final certificate. The Agent body issues the final certificate and manages the final examinations. INTEC Programmes are INTEC’s own programmes that are not INTEC Programme linked to the NQF and are not credit-bearing. However, they are in high demand and carry the approval of the INTEC Academic Board. INTEC Programmes fall into FIVE categories: Career • INTEC Career Programmes are INTEC’s own programmes that Programme are designed to teach you the skills and knowledge to succeed in a particular career. Career • INTEC Career Booster courses are continuous professional Booster development (CPD) short courses that help you add to your current professional knowledge in a particular field, and hence boost your abilities within your career. Career • INTEC Career Starter courses are short courses that introduce Star ter you to a particular field or career; and that offer you the opportunity to explore an interest or a skills set without having to enrol on a full programme. • INTEC Job Creator courses are designed to refine your skills in Job Creator a particular field of interest; to teach you how to make a living from a particular skill, interest or hobby, and to help you start your own business. • INTEC Self-Enrichment courses are offered for self-enrichment Self Enrichment purposes. They will add value to your experience of life in a particular chosen field of interest.

INTEC Make-up Artist Short Course Certificate Career Opportunities Whether you’re already in the beauty industry or this is your first introduction to the exciting world of cosmetics, the INTEC Make-up Artist Course could open many doors for you. By the end of the course, you will have compiled a portfolio of your work, which will showcase your talent − a valuable tool when promoting yourself. You could work as a freelance make-up artist working from home.

Course Content Y  ou will start with a brief look at the purpose and history of make-up, before learning how to use the appropriate tools to apply the correct colours and tones for different people and occasions. The course includes the following topics:

• Purpose of make-up application • Brief history of make-up • Theory of colour and lighting and their importance and effects in make-up application

• Tools required for make-up application • Hygiene and maintenance of tools • Make-up products • Basic skin-type analysis • Identifying face and eye shapes • Setting up a workstation • Consultations • Applying day, evening, bridal and photographic make-up • Promoting make-up services

Programme Type The INTEC Make-up Artist Short Course Certificate is part of the INTEC Career Booster series. The INTEC Make-up Artist Short Course Certificate is a short course. This programme is approved by the INTEC Academic Board.*

Entrance Requirements We strongly recommend that you have English language skills in reading and writing equivalent to Grade 10 (Std. 8).

Course Duration You should be able to complete this course within 6 to 12 months.

Assessment You are required to complete and submit all your assessments to the College for marking.

Award After successfully completing the formative assessments, you will be awarded your INTEC Make-up Artist Short Course Certificate.

FREE Kit Items


*INTEC College reserves the right to change the kit items without prior notice.

You will receive this fabulous kit for FREE when you enrol for the Make-up Artist course. It includes the following:

• • 

Make-up textbook A set of make-up brushes and applicators

• An eye-shadow set

Combine Your Studies Consider combining your Make-up studies with some of the other beauty courses offered by INTEC College, and extend your range of skills. Here are some suggestions:


How about Beauty Care & Health or the INTEC Beauty Practitioner course? These will equip you with a well-rounded range of skills that will be highly sought after in the beauty industry.

If events are your strong point, you could even combine your Make-up studies with the Wedding Planning course − giving you a leading edge.

Certificate: Beauty Salon Manager Qualification: CertBSM (INTEC) NQF 4 SAQA ID: 16688 NQF Level 4 Credits: 120

The Certificate: Beauty Salon Manager enables skills and competencies including Business Management, Inventory Pricing, Bookkeeping and Budgeting, Personnel Management, Marketing and Sales as well as Personal Development. The programme supports the practical application of skills in order to ensure the contextualisation of business skills to the requirements of the Beauty industry and will for example require the drawing up of a business plan for this type of business venture.

Admission Requirements

Grade 10 (Std. 8) or equivalent or 2 years verifiable and relevant working experience.

Duration You should be able to complete this course within 18 months.


On successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate: Beauty Salon Manager.

Career Opportunity

The qualification will enable you to pursue a career in: • Beauty Salon Management