fundraising guide

your timeline for the day simple ideas to ... Cake Crusaders, Top-to-toe-ers…everyone has a role to play for wear it pink. So gather your .... Amazon rainforest. 8.
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fundraising guide

contents 3. your timeline for the day Use our timeline to create your own personal wear it pink day plan.

4. simple ideas to get started Cake Crusaders, Top-to-toe-ers…everyone has a role to play for wear it pink. So gather your team of heroes and try out our fabulous easy fundraising ideas.

5. your sweepstake game Play our cake themed sweepstake game – a great way to raise some extra dough!

6. the big pink quiz You can test everyone’s brain power with our pink-themed quiz.

7. the gift aid form You can supercharge your donations as the taxman adds 25p to every £1 donated! Ask every pink hero who donates to complete their details on this form.

8. your event poster Tell everyone about your event, pop up this poster where everyone can see it.

9. power up and pay it in Here you will find 4 top tips on powering up your wear it pink day and how to pay in your money after the event.

top tips for hero-like success

prepare the pink As our wear it pink organiser, you are the Pink Commander. Gather your team of heroes and get ready to raise as much as possible on the day!

don't be shy Make sure everyone knows about your event. Share details on your intranet or email signature with our cool badges and banners visit

Buy cool stuff You can also order lots of pink items from our wear it pink shop as well as extra posters, stickers and collection boxes. Visit now


your timeline for the big day Our Suggestions

Your Personal Plan


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simple ideas to get started

CAKE CRUSADER Find the fabulous baker boys and girls in your office and ask them to hold a pink cake sale – it’s a great way to raise some extra dough.

Flash of inspiration: check out our fantastic cake recipes at

MASTER CHALLENGER Find the quizmaster in your office and put them in charge of the sweepstake game (p.6). They might also like to test your brain power by holding their own pink-themed quiz (p.5).

Flash of inspiration: visit for more fun ideas for epic challenges.

TOP-TO-TOE-eR + PRETTY PINKER From the totally outrageous to the absolutely fabulous… why not hold a competition to decide the most glamorous pink outfit, or ask someone to be sponsored to go top-to-toe as a pink hero – they could even create their own pink page at



the big pink quiz


the questions 1.

Which band released the song ‘Lily the Pink’ in 1968?


(1 point)


Which American rock band recorded a song called ‘Pink’ for it’s 1997 album ‘Nine Lives’, which includes the line “Pink, it’s my new obsession”?

Pinky and the Brain was a cartoon series based around which animal? (1 point)


The song ‘Think Pink’ appeared in which musical film starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire? (1 point)

(1 point)


Name the actor and actress who took the lead roles in the most recent Pink Panther film, released in 2006.


(1 point each)


Which album by Pink Floyd is listed in the Guinness Bo