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This is Doug's 18th trip taking Interact students to El Salvador, and his third year ...... and causes those who walk on the streets, to kick up a huge cloud of dirt that ...
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ROTARY INTERACT 2018 MISSION TO EL SALVADOR – EMAILS HOME with Program Leaders Doug and Connie Mealey JOHN NOLING INTRODUCTION We are off to great start! Happy Easter All! Please save pic for later in RIM if you would. Reports will be sent nightly from Doug and various students from various states and Interact Clubs Doug Mealey, District Interact Chair joined us for pic on left What a great group we have here representing Muskegon!

Future Builders

Off to El Salvador on a house building mission – last Saturday thru April 10 – are these 12 local Interactors, three chaperones, and one District 6290 executive posing with the group. Back Row: District Interact Chair Doug Mealey, Riley Tuttle, Emily Mann, Sydney Fetters, Ava Bentley, Autumn Skantz, Garrett Poulin, Bella Lindsey, Esther Ricco, and John Noling. Front Row: Haley Knight, Erica Pletcher, Ellie Zuidema, Anneka Lindsey, Tommy Shawl and Brady Bowen.

March Rotaractor of the Month Helen Lim

Connie's Helen Lim isFacts: a first-year There are 70 people on this Rotary Interact trip: 43 high school students and 26 adults from all over the US, plus one member of the Rotaractguy Club from Mexico. This is Doug's 18th trip taking Interact students to El Salvador, and his third year with a Michigan contingent (43), as we moved to Michigan from NH in 2013 after he retired as a funeral director in Keene, ofNH. BakerThere College ofare Muskegon. Shemedical is three personnel aboard--two are former Keene Interactors and the other goes to El Salvador 3-4 majoring Therapy times inaOccupa-tional year. The NY contingent is headed up by Francis LaLomia, a former NH Interactor, a former Rotary Exchange Assistant. March, Helen volunteered to a NY Rotarian who works at Corning. The Fall Mt. High School (in western NH) is headed studentIn to Belgium, and now up by Abbott, their Rotary Interact Advisor, who works making NH maple syrup, and loves to go to El Salvador any make sackZak suppers at Kids’ Food Basket chance heCompeti-tion can get.withIncluding these two, there are many other very experienced adults on this trip, who have been on and at our Trivia Rotary. multiple trips with Doug.

Her favorite cause is HELEN LIM is volunteering for People often ask me if I have ever gone to El Salvador, and yes, I have three times. But I have never gone with the

students, and believe me, I feel more valuable coordinating airline transportation and doing what I'm doing for you folks. Special Plus,Olympics. it's not so hot sitting in my chair! The high temperature in San Salvador will be 91 and the low 65 for the week.Thanks In Talnique for everything the you dohigh for will be 80, a little big cooler! It looks like the rainy season has started already. Hopefully it doesn't hinder their building projects. Sure didn't think we would have snow in Michigan this week but we are!! ~Connie the club and community, Helen!

Tommy Shawl, and Brady Bowen. In-Flight to El Salvador – Saturday. March 31 Hi Everyone, Welcome to the El Salvador trip. The Michigan group is currently in flight somewhere in the US as I write, having left approximately at 3:35pm. I am currently tracking the flight, and if you have not heard of this website, you can track their flight by going on to: flightaware.com and filling in the "Search for flight..." box: Avianca 409. Zoom out on the map to see El Salvador. They should be arriving 9:15 our time (7:15 El Salvador time). Remember there is a two-hour time difference behind those of us in the Eastern Time Zone. I will try to send another email very late tonight when and if I hear from Doug. I and many of you will be watching the important UofM basketball game. ~Connie

2 El Salvador - Flight day- Saturday night 10:14pm Hi everyone, Please know that the Michigan group of 44 landed in El Salvador early. Currently everyone is going through customs. Because the group was bumped from their April 1 flight about 3 weeks ago, Avianca at Doug's insistence, is putting them up for