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Benefits felt across UK. The winning authority ... other major benefits from taking part. “A smarter Leeds ... car parks, city-wide wireless networks, smart transport ...
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Future cities UK Investing in better places to live, work and play

How £1.5 million helped cities deliver a £100 million+ investment in their future


The £34.5 million future city challenge


nnovate UK challenged 30 cities to show how they could work with local businesses and partners to improve urban living and working using new technologies. Each city was awarded £50,000 to investigate its ideas and to come up with a proposal for a large-scale city demonstrator – showing how different systems in a city could be integrated and how new technologies could be used to deal with challenges in areas such as transport, housing, health, energy and pollution. The funding was part of Innovate UK’s urban living programme. Benefits felt across UK The winning authority, Glasgow, secured an extra £24m to demonstrate how technology can make life in the city smarter, safer and more sustainable. It is focusing on 4 key areas – active travel (cycling and walking), energy, social transport and public safety. Three other cities, Bristol, London and Peterborough, also won £3 million each to progress their work. Virtually every city that took part reported that they would either progress some projects as a result or received other major benefits from taking part.

“A smarter Leeds will deliver more for its citizens, businesses and the environment.” Leeds Housing

Transport Health


£50,000 30 cities



£1.5 million studies attract over £100 million


he £50,000 feasibility studies were a winning formula for the 29 of the 30 local authorities that reported significant benefits. The return on investment was huge for some of them including: l £107 million additional private and public investment for Belfast, Bristol, London, Peterborough and Milton Keynes to make parts of their studies a reality l further investment from partner organisations for most participants l at least three-quarters had taken forward some aspects of their bids by end of 2013 and are already seeing significant activity l new and ongoing partnerships between authorities and with local businesses and universities

“Wider contact with likeminded people really builds confidence and also helps with shaping ideas.” Belfast Projects now being taken forward include guided car parks, city-wide wireless networks, smart transport, intelligent street lighting, community safety, and connected health schemes.

Page 4: See how Milton Keynes, Bristol, Leeds and Bradford fared


Four cities with an eye on a smarter and better connected urban life

Milton Keynes “There’s a huge market out there – £50bn globally – so an awful lot of projects to partner on with business and academia.”


ilton Keynes is embracing smart technologies to address the challenges it faces from a fast-growing population. The work has led to:




l l

£50m for a low carbon urban transport zone with the Transport Systems Catapult MK:Smart, a £16m collaborative project led by The Open University that will harness city data to accelerate economic growth and improve the lives of citizens a city-wide wireless ‘internet of things’ network to help the council deliver services more smartly trials of a guided car parking system testing the UK’s first driverless cars in a pedestrian environment

www.mksmart.org mksmart.org




“Find others who are already creating ideas for the future and collaborate with them. You don’t have to do it all yourself.”

“We’re taking a whole-city approach to smart technologies, designing services with people and businesses rather than for them.”