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galaxy star spots. Step 3. MELT. Melt the ... Step 6. Step 7. Pour hot water into a bowl with another metal bowl balancing on top of the water. Gently touch the.
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Step 1 MELT

Melt Snowcap chocolate, - enough to lightly paint the spheres with a swirl or two each and some extra to colour with the Blue Candy Colour. Once you have melted the white chocolate, swirl each sphere with a little of the white chocolate.

Step 2 PAINT Then using the left over melted white chocolate colour

with the blue candy colour and paint a few more swirls or dots in the spheres.

Step 3 FLICK Mix a little rose spirit with super silver and then using a clean paint brush “flick” into the mould to create a few galaxy star spots.

Step 4 MELT Melt the calypso chocolate and spread into the sphere moulds over the swirls and flicks. Using your Spatula, spread to ensure the sphere mould is coated to the thickness of chocolate you require.

Step 5 Shake Shake off any excess chocolate by turning the sphere

mould upside down and allowing the chocolate to drip onto your baking paper. Then using your metal scraper – scrape the top of the sphere mould as clean as possible.

Step 6 Allow to set. Once fully set, pop the half spheres out.

Step 7 Pour hot water into a bowl with another metal bowl balancing on top of the water. Gently touch the chocolate sphere open side down onto the metal bowl to allow the chocolate to melt slightly and use this as the glue to stick to spheres together.

Or Use your creative side and fill the chocolate spheres with sprinkles, miniature smarties or marshmallows. Crack open and enjoy!

shopping list • Calypso Chocolate - 500 g Bag • Snowcap Chocolate – 500g Bag • Small Sphere Mould • Good Quality Paint Brushes (x3) • Americolor Blue Candy Color

• Rolkem Super Silver • Decorators Rose Spirit • Angled Spatula for spreading chocolate • Scraper to smooth off chocolate from the mould


Baking Paper Heatproof jug or bowl to melt chocolate Disposable Gloves to prevent marks on the completed spheres