Galileo Annual Holiday Party! Student Gift Exchange!

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Galileo Times Created by S.I.S. Students

November/December 2017

Student Gift Exchange! On Dec. 20th, SIS students participated in a holiday gift exchange. Students started off the day with a breakfast that was provided by the department – it was delicious! Then students had the pleasure of exchanging gifts with one another while listening to holiday music. Generosity truly filled the air and students had a lot of fun!

Galileo Annual Holiday Party! On Dec. 13th, Galileo had their annual holiday party! The SIS students opened the show with a blast by singing Christmas carols and getting the audience into the spirit! Students danced, celebrated, indulged in cake, and participated in a raffle. The party was really lively and students enjoyed themselves very much with our DJ playing hit after hit. The dance floor was always packed and festive energy was in the air!

Save the Date! Gift Exchange th

Dec. 20 , 2017 SIS students will enjoy exchanging gifts with one another today!

Christmas Break th


Dec. 25 – Jan. 5 Happy holidays to all! Stay warm, stay safe, and have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

Ped Day Jan. 19th, 2018 Pedagogical day for all Galileo students. Take a day to yourself to relax and enjoy your day off!



Remembrance Day Veteran Visit Lead Seaman Roger Agnessi, graced the SIS and Academic students with his stories of being a deep sea diver during the Cold War. Mr. Roger Agnessi is a master storyteller and all students were mesmerized and impressed by his stories of deep sea welding and disarming of underwater mines. In addition, he told students what most of the soldiers’ experiences of returning home after leaving military service were. He joined the police force as a homicide officer. Students were further educated on the role of women in the military service from World War I until today. At the end of the moment of silence, Roger joined students in the SIS kitchen for cookies that students made, pizza and coffee.

Professional Mime Visits Galileo As the first adult centre to benefit from the Quebec Culture in Schools program, we were the lucky recipients of a grant that offered an opportunity to train with one of Marcel Marceau’s students, Christiane Claude. On November 22nd and 23rd, Galileo SIS students were fortunate enough to meet this professional mime! She was absolutely amazing. Her mime workshop was so interactive and her ability to involve all students of diverse abilities was fantastic. She also ended the workshop by giving SIS students some pointers for their end of year theatre production.

Mayor of Laval Honors SIS Student On Nov. 21st, the city of Laval honored SIS student, Nancy Leopardi, with a bronze medal for her outstanding performance at the summer games in big pin bowling. She was so thrilled that her hard work had paid off. The mayor of Laval awarded Nancy with the medal and she was honored to shake his hand and receive this stellar accomplishment. Congratulations Nancy!

1st Annual Gingerbread House Creation A tradition older than Santa! In the spirit of Galileo, a new tradition has begun! Miss. Caroline’s culinary program students built their own gingerbread houses from scratch! They piped on loads of icing and candy during this fun-filled hands-on classroom activity. It is amazing what students can do with pretzel sticks, chocolate wafers, gummies, marshmallows and much more! Two winners from each class will go home with these beauties! 2



Wonder: The Importance of Inclusion As a follow-up activity, on Nov. 21st, Miss Lisa and Miss Chiara along with Galileo’s SIS students: