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or Miretti EXcalibur Zone 1/2 electric trucks for short or long term rental. Miretti EXcalibur FM Division 1 or. Zone 1 ATEX IIBT4 48V battery electric forklift trucks for on/offshore operation. Available for rental these trucks are simple to operate and to maintain. Options also available for pedestrian pallet, stacker trucks and.
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Explosion Protection for the Oil & Gas industries

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Miretti Oil & Gas: your ideal Partner, able to turn Problems into Solutions

Turning Problems into Solutions with Miretti Oil & Gas Problem - cost of “passively” protecting to Zone 2 diesel engine oilfield equipment with complex control systems and cost of downtime and service maintenance of cleaning exhaust flame traps every 8-20 hours

Solution - Miretti 3GMIR Zone 2 Gas Detection with infrared gas sensing and automatic engine/equipment shutdown

Miretti 3GMIR Zone 2 Gas Detection … Zone 2 Gas Detection for diesel engine oilfield equipment

enables exhaust flame trap elimination

Miretti 3GMIR Zone 2 Gas detection and automatic engine/equipment shut-down system ensures maximum safety and eliminates the need for exhaust flame traps and equipment “down-time” caused when cleaning conventional exhaust flame

Turning problems into solutions with Miretti Oil & Gas Problem - cost of replacing “dry” turbocharger and exhaust manifolds of industrial engines to water-cooled versions as part of Zone 2 conversion process

Solution - Miretti CoatEX a patented process that enables the retention of original OEM engine turbocharger and manifolds

Miretti CoatEX Solutions

Miretti’s patent

Miretti CoatEX enables the OEM “dry” turbocharger and manifold to be retained reducing Zone 2 conversion costs and minimising risk of failure by fitting non OEM turbo and water cooled manifold

Turning problems into Solutions with Miretti Oil & Gas Problem - cost of oilfield equipment “downtime” during operations and the maintenance costs of servicing conventional exhaust flame traps every 8-20 hours

Solution - Miretti FilterEX self cleaning catalytic exhaust flame trap enables up to 1,000 hours operation before inspecting and eventually cleaning and allows oilfield equipment to “work-through” until completion of task

The “Work-through” and “Work-on” solution that enables you to run safe for up to 1.000 hours

Miretti FilterEX

Diesel engines working in classified areas require exhaust flame traps or GD with automatic shutdown to prevent a potential explosion and to comply with ATEX, EN 1834.1.2000, EEMUA 107 and other oil and gas standards.

Miretti FilterEX Solutions Manicooler for low rated engines

Miretti’s patent Exhaust Gas cooler for high rated engines

Miretti FilterEX enables the engine to work for up to 1000 hrs between inspecting intervals and Zone 2 engines to “workthrough” and “work-on” in situations where Gas Detection systems would automatically shut the engine down at 25% LEL

Miretti FilterEX Solutions … for offshore engines ensures maximum “work-on” time with no unnecessary operational shut-downs Miretti FilterEX catalyst based self cleaning exhaust flame traps enable engines/equipment to “work-on” without need for “down-time” as required when replacing/cleaning traditional exhaust flame traps every 8-20 hr (this needs frequent and costly maintenance!)

Turning problems into Solutions with Miretti Oil & Gas Problem – Cost and complexity for modification and compliance of oilfield and engine equipment electrics to different global/regional standards of explosion protection

Solution - Miretti MeecaEX – unified compact engine control system approved worldwide under ATEX, NEC (FM), IECEX, CNEX

Miretti MeecaEX … Zone 2 and FM electronic control system for oilfield equipment enables fast fit and reliable consistent operation

Miretti Meeca.EX Zone 2 electronic controlled system for oilfield equipment ensures simple installation and operation. Certified IECEx/ ATEX Zone 2 and FM to Class 1 Division