GCSE (9-1) Design and Technology - Edexcel - Pearson

of practices from the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries. Through ..... issues relating to the design and manufacture of products, ...... (CPS) Skills.
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GCSE (9-1) Design and Technology

This draft qualification has not yet been accredited by Ofqual. It is published to enable teachers to have early sight of our proposed approach to Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Music (1MU0). Further changes may be required and no assurance can be given at this time that the proposed qualification will be made available in its current form, or that it will be accredited in time for first teaching in September 2016 and first award in 2018.

Specification Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Design and Technology (1DT0) First teaching from September 2017 First certification from 2019

Issue 1

Contents 1



Why choose the Edexcel GCSE in Design and Technology?


Supporting you in planning and implementing this qualification


Qualification at a glance




Subject content and assessment information

Component 1


Component 2


Assessment Objectives




Administration and general information



Access arrangements, reasonable adjustments, special consideration and malpractice


Student recruitment and progression


Appendix 1: Mathematical skills


Appendix 2: Calculators


Appendix 3: Scientific skills, knowledge and understanding


Appendix 4: Links to other relevant subjects


Appendix 5: Taxonomy


Appendix 6: The context for the development of this qualification


Appendix 7: Transferable skills


Appendix 8: Codes


1 Introduction Why choose the Edexcel GCSE in Design and Technology? We’ve listened to feedback from all parts of the design and technology subject community, including teachers, subject associations, professional bodies and higher education. We’ve used this opportunity of curriculum change to redesign a qualification that is engaging and inspiring, and that reflects the demands of a truly modern and evolving society – a qualification that enables your students to apply themselves and develop the practical skills needed to succeed in their chosen pathway.

Building innovative design skills Clear routes through the specification – we’ve listened to your feedback and developed a new specification that provides clear routes for specialism in the material areas your students enjoy, and where you already have the resources and equipment in place. Breadth and depth in our exam papers – our exam paper will assess the breadth of design and technology knowledge in the Core section, and assess the depth of knowledge in the chosen material category for the Specialist section to enable students to fully demonstrate their own particular strengths or specialism. Creative design and making at the heart – the contextual challenges provided in our qualification, for example extending human capacity, will give students the freedom to take design risks and to innovate in a situation where it is safe to test and refine ideas. Progression to AS and A Level – we’ve designed the GCSE and AS/A Level qualifications together to ensure clear progression of knowledge, understanding and design/making skills so that students will have a coherent experience of moving from the breadth of the GCSE to the specialisation of AS and A Level. Support with the new content – to help you plan for first teaching with confidence, we’ll be running a range of training events to support you with the new qualification and the new requirements. We’ll also give you practical free resources to minimise your lesson planning and allow more productive time