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will not create the benefit that true balancing achieves: a confluence of ideas, an exploration ..... answer the questions later by e-mail after the kids were in bed. ..... “We haven't been as good at marketing our brands to women as we need to be.
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Gender Balancing It’s Good Business

A guide to making diversity in leadership happen


Gender Balancing: It’s Good Business

A guide to making diversity in leadership happen


Winmark and Reed Smith would like to thank the Editorial Panel for their extensive input. Without their combined wisdom, insight and experience the production of this report would not have been possible. Panel members are listed as follows: Jane E. Tozer MBE OBE, Portfolio non-executive director with extensive experience of industrial, technology, international and public sector organisations Sir Eric Peacock CMG DL, Winmark Chairman and serial entrepreneur, was knighted in 2003 for his services to international trade Henrietta Royle, Chief Executive at Fanshawe Haldin and Founder member of the 30% Club Steering Committee Joanne Sellwood-Taylor, Former MD of Strategi Executive Search, portfolio NED and a Founding Director of Mullwood Partnership Marka Bowe, Senior HR Consultant, Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank Mary FitzPatrick, Diversity Leader, GE Capital EMEA Louise Lindsay, Director of HR, Imperial College London Denise Skinner, Dean and Professor of HRM, Coventry University Tamara Box, Reed Smith, Head of Structured Finance and Founder member of the 30% Club Steering Committee Lynne Freeman, Reed Smith, Partner and Head of Women’s Initiative Richard Swinburn, Reed Smith, London Office Managing Partner Other contributors to the report include all those who completed the survey, Dominique Hainebach of Renew Partners and Binna Kandola of Pearn Kandola.



Gender Balancing: It’s Good Business

A guide to making diversity in leadership happen


Foreword 6 Introduction 7 Part One: The Challenge and our Current State of Play


External trends and initiatives The pipeline, it’s leaking and it’s costing us dearly Rewards for better gender balancing are numerous Responding to the diversity challenge The Survey Commitment to diversity is high but confidence to meet targets is low Current diversity Initiatives Issues holding back progress on gender balancing

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Part Two: Solutions to take Gender Diversity from Rhetoric to Reality


Change in culture The behaviours associated with a transformational leadership style Reducing bias and gender stereotyping

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Employing the most effective mix of gender balancing initiatives


Five recommended steps Establish a clear business case Obtain real leadership commitment Focus programmes on leaders and future leaders Set incentives for compliance Communicate successes and brainstorm failures

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Conclusion 35 Appendix 1 Research Methodology Appendix 2 The fable of the Elephant and the Giraffe

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Diverse teams get better results, it makes good business sense

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