Sep 15, 2015 - motor, the transmission may also be used in hybrid applications. The degree ... from mild hybrid to plug-in hybrid. ... Phone: + 49 171.5509972.
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The new seven-gear dual-clutch transmission for medium-front transverse applications In the Getrag PowerShift family, dual-clutch transmissions combine the comfort of an automatic transmission with a very high level of efficiency, and programmable switching behaviour. With its electromechanical gear actuator, wet dual clutch and new electro-hydraulic clutch control, the new PowerShift 7DCT300 sets a new standard in terms of efficiency, flexibility and comfort. The 7DCT300 has seven forward gears and one reverse gear. The even (2, 4, 6, R) and odd-numbered gears (1, 3, 5, 7) are divided into two partial transmissions. Each of the partial transmissions has its own clutch. The gears are switched in advance in the background. The respective next gear is selected when one clutch opens and the other closes. This process is carried out without tractive effort interruption, and its behaviour can be adjusted by means of software. This enables different switching behaviours within the same transmission. The 7DCT300 is designed for front-transverse installation in vehicles in the mid-range and compact segment, with up to 300 Nm torque. It is suitable for all-wheel drive applications, as well as fuel-saving functions such as engine start-/stop and advanced sailing, with or without engine stop. The low dry weight of just 67kg contributes to a low level of fuel consumption, and supports the trend for lighter vehicles. The gear ratio spread of the 7DCT300 is up to 8.5. This allows for an “overdrive” and small steps within the range of seven gears. The start-/stop and sailing function can be implemented without any hardware change, because the actuation is fully independent from the operating state of the internal combustion engine. In conjunction with an electric drive motor, the transmission may also be used in hybrid applications. The degree of hybridisation can be scaled from mild hybrid to plug-in hybrid. Getrag uses a newly developed electro-hydraulic clutch actuation in the 7DCT300. The on-demand pump actuator only needs a very small amount actuation energy. As a result the typical advantages of wet clutches like quick response and reliable control can be used without compromising the efficiency. As with the 6DCT250, the actuator system for the gearshift actuation is based on shift-drum technology and works electromechanically. The shift-drum technology also needs little actuation energy, thus contributing to the low level of fuel consumption. The 7DCT300 is designed for global use, due to a distinctive common parts strategy. The extremely high flexibility in the application makes it possible to adapt the transmission quickly and efficiently to the requirements of the customer by means of minimal, and in most cases already standardised, adjustments. The main functional elements such as the dual clutch, gearshift, actuators, control unit and synchronisation are designed as common parts for many different applications. This strategy makes it possible to produce all customer versions on just one production line. Market demands can therefore be responded to quickly and costeffectively.



About Getrag Getrag is the world’s largest independent transmission system supplier, with approximately 13,500 employees in 23 locations. The company’s head office is in Untergruppenbach, Germany. The company develops and produces transmission solutions for the automotive industry. Getrag has a broad product portfolio which includes manual, automated manual and dual-clutch transmissions. The company also offers a range of solutions for the hybridisation and electrification of transmissions. The total turnover in 2014 was around 1.695* billion EUR. * In 2014, the Getrag Group switched from the HGB accounting standards to the IFRS accounting standards. Under HGB, the sales of the Getrag Group’s joint ventures could be fully consolidated. Under IFRS, these sales must be accounted for through the equity method. In 2014, the turnovers for the joint ventures were: 1.119 billion EUR (Getrag Ford Transmissions) and 446 million EUR (Getrag Asia Pacific). Press contact: Claus Huisgen Getrag International GmbH Phone: + 49 171.5509972 Email: [email protected] Technical data Transmission


Maximum speed:

7,000 min

Maximum torque:

320 Nm*

Weight (dry):

approx. 67kg**

Installation length:


Input shaft - differential


Overall gear ratio, 1st gear:

13.7 – 18.6

Ratio spread:

Up to 8.5


electro-mechanical gear actuation electro-hydraulic clutch actuation

Transmission oil:


Dual clutch

nested wet dual clutch

Other details:

3-shaft design


mechanically actuated parking lock (optional: park-by-wire) optional: integrated cooling all-wheel application possible start-/stop and sailing without hardware change * Depending on vehicle data such as weight, wheel diameter and transmission ratios ** Without dual mass flywheel/damper, oil