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Jan 5, 2015 - CEO, Senior Managers, HR professional. Looking to sharpen your ... Fiona McNamar, MBA Careers Advisor. “Sheena is a unique trainer and ...
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Gleneagles Master Class in Public Speaking February 4, 2015

Whether you are an athlete approaching the start line in an important competition, or you are waiting to be called to do a presentation to a room full of senior executives, many of us experience thoughts that spotlight our fears and insecurities about the challenges we are about to face. Are you having trouble presenting? Do you break down when you speak? Would you like to Enhance your Performance in Presenting? This could be the difference between winning or losing a new client in the work place or in the boardroom, professionals need to put on match winning performances making presentations, chairing important meetings, being an after dinner speaker. How often do you think you can wing it without sufficient training or preparation? Being a great Speaker has been a hall mark of quality and successful individuals for decades. Would you like to learn how world class speakers convey their message and the unique approach to success? Masterclass Objectives: ▶ Learn our unique 6 step Fear Free System: to overcome fear of Public Speaking. ▶ Practical Techniques on vocal delivery body and nerve management to deliver with confidence. ▶ Discover how to position yourself as an expert with a new 4 step signature model. ▶ Learn how to engage and connect with your audience using the stage and movement. ▶ Engage your audience with magnetic story telling with confidence and skill. ▶ Deliver a dynamic speech with our unique Pitch Perfect content creator. Who should attend: ▶ CEO, Senior Managers, HR professional. Looking to sharpen your speaking skills to engage with clients? ▶ Sport Stars learn our unique presentation skills and speech coaching to accelerate your success. ▶ Entrepreneurs and Business owners who want to be positioned as an authority to become leaders in their industry. ▶ Professional Speakers who want to have more impact and influence with their own unique framework. ▶ Professionals who speak as part of their role, position yourself an expert, own the stage.

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Do you use a professional speech coach? Who have you used in the past? How are decisions made regarding speaker training? When do you begin planning your presentations for the board room? How are decisions made regarding professional development? Is there a focus on you positioning yourself as a person of authority in your business? What type of performance and presentation skills have you learned to date? Do you have a communication programme that improves staff performance? How often do you change your company positioning to future clients? Is there anything else you need from me in order to decide if I would be a good fit or your company?

Speaker, Speech Coach, Trainer, Author “I have known Sheena for a number of years and she is an ex-ceptional person. Her skills in Public speaking know no bounds and Sheena inspires, motivates and gets folk to push their boundaries. Her intellect is outstanding and I loved the time I spent working with her.” - Bruce Taylor “Sheena Walker is a true inspiration - on and off stage. After graduating from Public Speaker’s University and becoming a member of the Platinum Professional Speaker’s Academy, Sheena has excelled in her area of expertise. She is a leader, oozes confidence when on stage and is a true motivational spirit when she speaks to her audience.” - Deenita Pattni “Sheena is inspirational - this was the first thing I noticed about her. A good listener and someone who can focus on what’s important, creating a solid list of priorities in order to achieve a given goal. Sheena is an excellent example of how to achieve goals in a focused and organised manner and is a great consultant for anyone wishing to move progressively forward as she will guide you over all the unexpected hurdles.” - Jane Martin

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