Glenmore Park Bylaw 9018 - The City of Calgary

purposes as well as in connection with the Water Services system and the water reservoir and ..... RESTRICTIONS ON ENTRY TO LEASED PREMISES. 20. .... by issuing a summons by means of a violation ticket in accordance with Part 2 of.
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OFFICE CONSOLIDATION BYLAW NUMBER 9018 BEING A BYLAW OF THE CITY OF CALGARY TO ESTABLISH A PORTION OF THE GLENMORE RESERVOIR AREA AS A PARK ***************************** (Amended by 36/76, 135/77, 22M81, 19M83, 47M84, 38M87, 19M88, 8M88, 28M90, 32M90, 21M91, 20M99, 52M99, 1M2000, 22M2003, 38M2003, 42M2004, 15M2006, 40M2006, 7M2016)

WHEREAS the City of Calgary acquired the ownership or the right to occupy and use certain lands in the North halves of Sections 19 and 20, Sections 29 and 30, the East half and a portion of the Southwest Quarter of Section 32, all in Township 23, Range 1, West of the Fifth Meridian and certain lands in the Sarcee Indian Reserve located in Range 2, West of the Fifth Meridian, for use by the City in connection with the establishment and operation of a water reservoir to supply water for the use of the inhabitants of the City, the details of the lands so acquired and the titles thereto being set out in Schedule "A" to this Bylaw; AND WHEREAS portions of the lands so acquired have been used for recreational purposes as well as in connection with the Water Services system and the water reservoir and the designation of part of the area as a park required the passage of Bylaw Number 6039, which Bylaw revised and replaced Bylaw Number 3488, as amended, to provide for the control of the water reservoir and the water supply without duplication of or conflict with the provisions in this Bylaw; AND WHEREAS the City has leased certain portions of the lands acquired in connection with the Glenmore Reservoir for long terms to Dr. Ludwig Stewart Mackid and to Earl Grey Golf Club Limited for the times, on the terms and subject to the conditions contained in the leases to the said parties, which said leases are listed in Schedule "C" to this Bylaw and it is necessary to exclude the areas so leased from the bylaw designating a portion of the Glenmore Area as a park until such time as the said leases expire; AND WHEREAS certain portions of the lands required in connection with the Glenmore Reservoir have been set aside for use for sites for an auxiliary hospital and a general hospital and such lands cannot be included in the portion of the land to be designated as a park pursuant to this Bylaw; AND WHEREAS it is necessary to make provisions for the protection and continuation of those operations in the Glenmore Area by which the City is assured of a supply of pure and potable water adequate for its present needs and for its anticipated future expansion and for this purpose to exclude certain portions of the Glenmore Area from the proposed park; AND WHEREAS certain easements of rights of way are held by Calgary Power Ltd. over portions of the lands in the Glenmore Area and Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited by agreement with the City of Calgary has made certain installations and transmission lines in, over or upon the said lands;

BYLAW NUMBER 9018 AND WHEREAS the leasing of lands, the construction of highways and the installation of utilities in an area set aside as a park are subject by the provisions of Section 128 of the Municipal Government Act to the limitation that such leasing, highways, and utilities must not adversely affect the interest of the public in the park and it is therefore necessary to make provision for the easements and leases previously granted, the maintenance and extension of highways and utilities presently in existence and of those utilities and highways required in the future other than for the benefit of the users of the park; NOW, THEREFORE, THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CALGARY ENACTS AS FOLLOWS: SHORT TITLE 1.

This Bylaw may be cited as the "Glenmore Park Bylaw".



In this Bylaw including the preamble hereto and this Section unless the context otherwise requires: (a)

"Animal" means a dog, cat, fowl, cattle, horse or any other domestic animal;

(a.01) “Boat” means a vessel or device of any sort in or by which a person or thing may be transported on or throu