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Internet Society Global Internet Report 2014 Open and Sustainable Access for All





Executive Summary


Author’s notes




01. This is your Internet: Trends and Growth


02. Open and Sustainable Internet


03. Benefits of an Open and Sustainable Internet


04. Challenges to the Open and Sustainable Internet


05. Recommendations


Annex A. Definition of world regions


Annex B. GIUS survey 2013 methodology




Internet Society

Foreword More than two decades ago, the Internet Society was formed to support the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all mankind. Over the years, we have pursued that task with pride. We continue to be driven by the hope and promise of the benefits the Internet can bring to everyone. In doing so, the Internet Society has fostered a diverse and truly global community. Internet Society Chapters and members represent the people of the world and the many and varied ways they use the Internet to enrich the lives of themselves and their peers. They use the Internet to create communities, to open new economic possibilities, to improve lives, and to participate in the world. We are inspired by their stories of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Thanks to the Internet’s own success, we are now in an increasingly complex era where the stakes are much higher than before, and potential threats to the Internet’s core principles loom larger. To protect your ability to use the Internet for your needs – to keep it open and sustainable – we must do more to measure impacts and present the strengths of the open Internet model in more compelling ways, to convince policy makers, influencers, and the general public of the importance of our mission. To this end, I am pleased to launch this, the first in an annual series of Global Internet Reports. With this report, the Internet Society introduces a new level of integrated analysis, measurement, and reporting to Internet governance discussions at all levels. The Global Internet Reports will become a showcase of topics that are at the heart of the Internet Society’s work about the future of the Internet, weaving together the many threads of the diverse multistakeholder Internet community.


I commend our Chief Economist, Michael Kende, for his vision and hard work in creating this report, and I thank everyone else who committed their time and expertise to help. The Internet Society is pleased to present our first report and trust that the Global Internet Reports will become an important contribution to the continued progress of Internet development.

Kathy Brown President and CEO

Global Internet Report 2014 | 5

Executive Summary Introduction The Internet Society (ISOC) is a global not-for-profit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, development and policy, with the guiding vision that ‘The Internet is for Everyone’. This report is the first in a series meant to celebrate the progress of the Internet, highlight trends, and illustrate the principles that will continue to sustain the growth of the Internet. This report focuses on the open and sustainable Internet – what we mean by that, what benefits it brings, and how to overcome threats that prevent those of us already online from enjoying the full benefits, and what keeps non-users from going online in the first place. Given the rapid pace of change, it is important to solidify and spread the benefits of the open Internet, rather than taking them for granted.

This is your Internet: Trends and Growth Against a backdrop of relentless growth, the