Global Leadership - ASTM International

include: Berlin, Beijing, Dubai, London,. Mexico City, Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo,. Toronto ͽ Labs from more than 90 countries participate in ASTM International.
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ASTM INTERNATIONAL Helping our world work better

Global Leadership

ASTM International is the world’s leading developer of high-quality, market-relevant standards ͽͽ Members from countries representing more than 90% of the global population ͽͽ 6 offices worldwide ͽͽ More than 1,000 non-U.S. members attend in-person committee meetings annually since 2011 ͽͽ 75 non-U.S. countries cite ASTM standards nearly 7,000 times in laws, regulations, and elsewhere ͽͽ Since 2010, non-U.S. membership grew by 1,000 ͽͽ Memorandums of Understanding with 98 countries and regions ͽͽ Virtual, technical meetings up 33% in past 5 years with more than 1,300 participants from 70 countries

ͽͽ Headquarters hosted 70 international delegations over the past 4 years ͽͽ More than half of standards revenues from outside the U.S. ͽͽ 50 training courses for non-U.S. groups over the past 4 years involving more than 2,500 people from 90 countries ͽͽ 2,600 professionally translated standards in languages other than English ͽͽ Committed to World Trade Organization principles of international standards development: transparency, openness, impartiality and consensus, effectiveness and relevance, coherence, development dimension

ͽͽ Board of Directors meetings since 2000 include: Berlin, Beijing, Dubai, London, Mexico City, Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo, Toronto ͽͽ Labs from more than 90 countries participate in ASTM International Proficiency Testing Programs ͽͽ 70% of student members are non-U.S. (3,500+) ͽͽ 7 Board of Directors members from outside the U.S. ͽͽ ASTM became “ASTM International” on Dec. 11, 2001, reflecting its global reach as a result of more than a century of leadership in standards development