global warming - 21st Century

of global climate and its causes, while Europeans apparently believe that ..... Mann, Bradley et al. (see Reference 21), claimed that “temperatures in the lat- ..... When the Sun's activity is stronger, the solar magnetic field drives a part of.
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Solar Cycles, Not CO2, Determine Climate by Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. The author’s colleague, K. Cielecki, excavating an ice sample from a shaft in the middle of an ice cliff at Jatunjampa Glacier in the Peruvian Andes. The black lines reflect a summer deposition of dust on top of particular annual ice layers. The black layer near the top of Cielecki’s head was formed after the 1963 eruption of volcano Gunung Agung in Bali, Indonesia, causing the highest volcanic dust veil in the atmosphere since 1895. Some of the other black lines reflect local eruptions. 52

Winter 2003-2004


Courtesy of Zbigniew Jaworowski

Read Dr. Jaworowski's most recent article, "CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of the Century" at

Get out the fur coats, because global cooling is coming! A world-renowned atmospheric scientist and mountaineer, who has excavated ice out of 17 glaciers on 6 continents in his 50-year career, tells how we know.


ince the 1980s, many climatologists have claimed that ceptible, but there would be a drastic and very noticeable human activity has caused the near-surface air regression in the economy. In 2100, under the mandatory temperature to rise faster and higher than ever before in emission restrictions of the Kyoto Protocol, the temperature history. Industrial carbon dioxide emissions, they say, will would be diminished by 0.2°C, or, to use the figures of the soon result in a runaway global warming, with disastrous global warmers, with Kyoto, the temperature increase that we consequences for the biosphere. By 2100, they claim, the would experience in the year 2094, would be postponed until atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will double, the year 2100. Thus, the Kyoto Protocol buys the world six causing the average temperature on Earth to increase by years.7 1.9°C to 5.2°C, and in the polar region by more than 12°C. But the losses resulting from the compliance with the Kyoto Just a few years earlier, these very same climatologists had Protocol would reach $400 billion in the United States alone. professed that industrial pollution would The reduction of the world domestic prodbring about a new Ice Age. In 1971, the uct, when added up across the whole censpiritual leader of the global warming tury, would reach $1.8 trillion, while the prophets, Dr. Stephen H. Schneider from so-called benefits of the emissions reducthe National Center for Atmospheric tion from the Kyoto Protocol are around Research in Boulder, Colorado, claimed $0.12 trillion.8 By 2050, in Western that this pollution would soon reduce the Europe and in Japan, the Gross National Product would be reduced by 0.5 percent global temperature by 3.5°C.1 His in comparison with 1994; in Eastern remarks were followed by more official Europe, this reduction would reach 3 perstatements from the National Science cent, and in Russia 3.4 percent.8 Experts Board of the U.S. National Science Foundation, ”. . .[T]he the present time of working for the Canadian government high temperatures should be drawing to concluded that the implementation of the an end . . . leading into the next glacial Kyoto Protocol would necessitate energy age.” In 1974, the board observed, rationing, which would resemble the gaso“During the last 20 to 30 years, world line rationing during World War II.9 temperature has fallen, irregularly at first but more sharply over the last decade.”2 Climate Change Reflects Natural Courtesy of Polityka magazine Planetary Events No matter what happens, catastrophic warming or catastrophic cooling, some- The Polish-language weekly Polityka In fact, the recent climate developments how the blame always falls upon “sinful” featured a shorter version of this article are not something unusual; they reflect a human beings and their civilization— as a cover story, July 12, 2003. natural course of planetary events. From which is allegedly hostile and alien to the time immemo