Glyphosate - Beyond Pesticides

water contaminaon, soil quality degradaon, toxic to aquac ... and mRNA levels.12 Human cell endocrine disrupon ... A survey by the USGS of 154 water samples.
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A Beyond Pes cides Factsheet – A Beyond Pes cides Factsheet – A Beyond Pes cides Factsheet – A Beyond Pes cides Factsheet

C hemicalWatch Factsheet Glyphosate


lyphosate (N-phosphono-methyl gly- hundreds of products currently registered Na onal Agricultural Sta s cs Service cine) is a registered herbicide with with EPA under numerous formula ons2 (NASS), use of glyphosate has drama cally the U.S. Environmental Protec on Agency with ac ve ingredient glyphosate (most increased over the last several years, con(EPA) first registered in 1974. Since its reg- commonly used as its three salts—isopro- trary to common claims from industry that istra on, its popularity has increased dra- plyamine, sodium and monoammonium GM crops would result in lower pes cide ma cally due to erroneous industry claims salts—as well as the technical acid, in regis- use rates. Data show that glyphosate use that it is of low toxicity, and the promo on tered pes cide products). has skyrocketed to more than double the of gene cally modified (GM) crops engiamount used five years ago, with 57 million neered to be tolerant to glyphosate. Stud- First registered for use in 1974, glyphosate pounds of glyphosate applied to corn fields ies have reported that glyphosate is associ- is used to kill a variety of broadleaf weeds in 2010 compared to 23 million pounds in ated with an increased risk 2005 and 4.4 million in 2000.5 of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma ChemicalWATCH Stats: (NHL), gene c damage, TThe most recent comprehenand endocrine disrup on, ssive human health risk asCAS Registry Number: 1071-83-6 as well as environmental ssessment for glyphosate was Trade Name: Roundup damage including water cconducted in 2006 en tled Use: Non- selec ve herbicide for broadleaf weed and grass control contamina on and harm ““Glyphosate Human Health on food and non-food field crop sites. to amphibians. Researchers Risk Assessment for Proposed R Toxicity ra ng: Toxic. have also determined that Use on Indian Mulberry and U the “inert” ingredients in Amended Use on Pea, Dry.” A Signal Words: Cau on glyphosate products, espeTThe last registra on review for Health Effects: Eye and skin irrita on, associated with non-Hodgcially polyethoxylated talgglyphosate was published in kin Lymphoma, and spontaneous abor ons. Other ingredients in lowamine or POEA- a sur1993. That assessment did not 1 formulated products are linked to developmental abnormali es, factant commonly used in iinclude an endangered species decreased sperm count, abnormal sperms and cell death of emglyphosate and other herdetermina on for glyphosate.6 d bryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells. bicidal products- are even IIn 2009 EPA finalized the work Environmental Eff ects: Weed resistance due to use of GM fi elds, more toxic than glyphosate plan for the registra on review p water contamina on, soil quality degrada on, toxic to aqua c itself. Monsanto, makffor glyphosate. It is es maters of glyphosate, formueed to be completed in 2015. organisms. lates scores of products During the review period the D such as Roundup™ and aagency must collect up-to-date Rodeo™making glyphosate one of the most and grasses. Labeled uses of glyphosate in- data and conduct comprehensive risk aswidely used and well-known herbicides in clude over 100 terrestrial food crops as well sessments in keeping with the standard set the world. as other non-food sites including forestry, forth in the Federal Insec cide, Fungicide greenhouse, rights-of-way, and residen- and Roden cide Act (FIFRA). A number of General Use and al.3 The greatest glyphosate use, accord- ecological fate and effects studies, acute Registration Status ing to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is and sub-chronic neurotoxicity studies, and Most commonly formulated as Monsan- in the Mississippi River basin where most an immunotoxicity study have been reto’s Roundup herbicide, glyphosate end- applica ons are for weed control on GM quested. As part of the registra on review, use products account for approximately corn, soybeans, and co on.4 EPA was