Gorge Grown Farmers Markets Vendor Application

applications are also available online at: https://goo.gl/forms/A7ULRngoxdTUZzBp1 ... What is the average weekly dollar amount your business hopes to make at ... Page 2-‐ Products: Please list all products, with details, that you plan to sell at ...
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     Gorge  Grown  Farmers  Markets  Vendor  Application        2018  Indoor  Market  Season        (for  returning  Farmer,  Value-­‐  Added,  Prepared  Food  vendors)     Hood  River  Indoor  Farmers  Market   Location:  Springhouse  Cellars,  13  Railroad  Ave  in  Hood  River   st Day:  1  and  3rd  Saturday  of  the  month,  January  –  April   Time:  1pm  –  4pm  



Priority  deadline-­‐  November  18th   Applications  will  still  be  accepted  after  the  priority  deadline  on  a  rolling  basis     applications  are  also  available  online  at:  https://goo.gl/forms/A7ULRngoxdTUZzBp1       Only  returning  vendors,  who  have  sold  at  a  Gorge  Grown  Farmers  Markets  (Hood  River,  Mosier,   Mercado  del  Valle)  in  the  2017  season,  are  eligible  for  this  abbreviated  application  process.   1) Complete  all  the  information  below   2) Return  this  application  along  with  supporting  documentation,  if  required.  Send  to:   PO  Box  752     Farmers  Market  Application   Hood  River,  OR  97031  

IMPORTANT:  All  food  processors  and  farmers  with  value-­‐added  items  need  to  complete  the  “Prepared   Food  Application”  on  page  4.       Vendor  Category:   Farmer           q Value-­‐Added  Farmer  or  Producer   q Prepared  food  vendor     Basic  Information:   q





What  is  the  average  weekly  dollar  amount  your  business  hopes  to  make  at  market  this  year?    



Page  2-­‐  Products:  Please  list  all  products,  with  details,  that  you  plan  to  sell  at  market.     Business  Name:  _________________________________________________   **If  you  plan  to  sell  Second  Farm  Products,  please  fill  in  the  chart  below.     Products  

Details  /  Ingredients  






























Second  Farm  Products:  We  allow  and  encourage  you  to  bring  2nd  farm  products  from  the  Gorge  to   increase  the  diversity  of  offerings  at  the  market.    Please  list  all  products  you  plan  to  sell  that  you  will   not  produce.  These  must  still  come  from  the  Gorge  and  have  signage  at  market  to  indicate  the  source.     You  will  not  be  allowed  to  second  farm  products  without  approval  from  market  management.     Product  

Business  and  location  

Contact  for  business  











Page  3-­‐  Market  Dates  &  Booth  Spaces:    Please  indicate  which  market  dates  you  would  like  to   participate  in:   We  ask  for  1-­‐week  notice  if  you  cannot  make  a  market  you  have  committed  to.  If  you  must  cancel  for   unforeseen  circumstances,  we  ask  for  24  hours  notice.  If  you  cancel  with  less  than  24  hours  notice,  or   do  not  show  up,  you  will  be  charged  $40.       Market  Dates:  Please  check  the  dates  of  all  the  markets  you  will  participate.  Don’t  forget  to  write   these  dates  down  for  your  reference  in  the  future.   q q q q


January  6th   January  20th   February  3rd   February  17th  

q q q q

March  3rd   March  17th   April  7th   April  21st  

Booth  Options:  Please  choose  your  booth  option  for  the  market.     The  indoor  market  space  is  unique  and  tak