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help of 3SI's GPS Tracking Technology. Amount. Recovered Summary. Full. Recovery. Cash Tracker™ - Clinton, MS - Oct 31. Lone suspect entered a bank, ...
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GPS Tracking A highlight of crimes solved with the help of 3SI’s GPS Tracking Technology

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October 2017

Amount Recovered Summary Full Recovery

Cash Tracker™ - Clinton, MS - Oct 31 Lone suspect entered a bank, demanded money from a teller and exited. Police tracked and apprehended the suspect. All of the money was recovered.


Phone Tracker™ - The Woodlands, TX - Oct 31 A suspect robbed a wireless store and fled with merchandise. Phone Tracker alerted police who tracked. When the suspect became stationary, police moved in to recover all of the merchandise and apprehend the suspect.


Tobacco Tracker™ - Surrey, BC - Oct 30 A male suspect armed with bear spray robbed a convenience store of cash, cigarettes and other miscellaneous items. Tobacco Tracker alerted police who tracked the suspect to a residence. The suspect was apprehended in an alley behind the house and a full recovery was made.

Full Recovery

Cash Tracker™ - Kansas City, MO - Oct 30 A suspect presented a demand note to a teller and displayed a handgun. The teller complied and the robber fled the bank. Police were silently alerted and began tracking. The suspect was apprehended and all of the money was recovered. The suspect is responsible for several previous bank robberies.


Asset Tracker™ - Brown Deer, WI - Oct 30 A big box store was burglarized by two men in the early morning hours. Asset Tracker silently alerted police who tracked. One suspect was apprehended within minutes and all of the stolen materials were recovered.


Cash Tracker™ - Charlotte, NC - Oct 30 Three suspects robbed a grocery store of cash. Police used GPS to track the suspects and when they became stationary, police moved in. One suspect was taken into custody and all of the money was recovered. Two illegal firearms were confiscated and police have leads on the other two suspects.

At least 71 Criminals Caught and Over 557K Recovered!

GPS Tracking

3SI Security Systems

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Amount Recovered Summary $600

Cash Tracker™ - Bellmawr, NJ - Oct 29 A suspect robbed a teller and exited the bank. Police tracked with GPS and when the suspect became stationary, police moved in. All the money was recovered and the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect is believed to be involved in three other recent robberies.


Phone Tracker™ - Las Vegas, NV - Oct 28 Two suspects robbed a wireless store of merchandise and fled. Phone Tracker alerted police, who tracked. Both suspects were apprehended and all the merchandise was recovered.


Cash Tracker™ - Oakville, ON - Oct 27 A disguised male presented a note demanding $10,000. The teller withdrew cash from the CRU. It wasn't enough so the male demanded more and then fled the bank. Police were alerted and tracked the suspect who boarded a bus with a female and a two month old baby. Police arrested the two while still on the bus and recovered all the cash. The suspect was out on bail for a series of retail holdups he committed in February. Surveillance cameras show the female casing the bank the day before the robbery.


Cash Tracker™ - Portland, OR - Oct 25 A lone suspect robbed a teller and fled the bank. Cash Tracker alerted police who tracked, apprehended the suspect, and recovered all the money.


Phone Tracker™ - Scarsdale, NY - Oct 24 Two armed suspects entered a wireless store, ordered everyone to the floor, and forced the store manager to open the safe. The suspects then fled with 40 iPhones. Police, who had recently been trained on 3SI's GPS Tracking Solution, immediately received alerts on their phones and began tracking. The criminals' vehicle was identified and a felony car stop