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Nov 2, 2012 - Cnr Marshall and Boom, Belgravia, Johannesburg [t] (011) 614 6943 • [f] (011) 614 8780 or (011) 624 3124 [email protected]
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14 NUM 29 2 NOVEMBER, 2012

GRADE 11 Klein Kariba Limpopo The adventure centre at Klein Kariba has sports facilities and training areas for all sorts of sports and leadership camps.

"We enjoyed the mysteries and adventures we encountered. We faced obstacles, and in the process learned how to be team players." SIYABONGA MATSOETLANE, 10T

GRADE 10 Serobe Free State "Camp taught us to respect one another and instilled discipline in us all. The activities brought out hidden leadership abilities."

Serobe is situated on the edge of the Vredefort Dome World Heritage site. Activities include leader identification, leader development, adventure and orientation.


"We all learned that being a leader is not about being popular, but about having skills and belief in yourself." KHANYA MAJOZI, 10C

Cnr Marshall and Boom, Belgravia, Johannesburg [t] (011) 614 6943 • [f] (011) 614 8780 or (011) 624 3124 [email protected]





14 NUM 29 2 NOVEMBER, 2012

GRADE 9 Konke North West

At one with nature, this game farm stretches 249 hectares with its abundant wildlife and birdlife, game drives and hiking trails.

We learned a lot about carnivores, particularly lions. I got to know people better and made new friends. RODNEY MOSES, 8C

From the moment you enter until you exit, you feel the spirit of friendship on tour. PRINCESS MOYO, 8T


Upcoming Events

Ukutula Lodge North West Ukutula is home to more than 130 different bird species. Known as the “place of quiet,” the lodge is nestled in lush bushveld where the roar of the lion can be heard for miles.

Monday, 5 November 07:45 09:00 14:00 14:30 08:00 09:00

Gr. 7 isiZulu Shared Assessment Gr. 12 IEB Exam, Geography Paper 1 Gr. 12 IEB Exam, Geography Paper 2 PS Afrikaans Cluster Mtg. @ St. Peter's

Tuesday, 6 November

PS Heads' Curriculum Breakfast @ Brescia Gr. 12 IEB Exam, Physical Science Paper 1

Wednesday, 7 November


Gr. 11 IEBT Maths Exam

07:40 09:00

School Mass (Gr. 10 Posholi) Gr. 12 IEB Exam, English Paper 1

09:00 12:30

Gr. 12 IEB Exam, Maths, Maths Lit Paper 1 Desk Move for High School Exams

Thursday, 8 November Friday, 9 November

NOTE: Grade 8–11 exams begin on 5 November.

Mr Mike Thiel, Headmaster ¡ Ms Marina Burger, Head of High School ¡ Mrs Dalene Rostovsky, Head of Primary School Mrs Rosalia Motha, HS RE Co-ordinator ¡ Mr Sidrick Moore, Director of Boarding ¡ Mrs Kathleen Whitaker, Director of Admin Mr Tshepo Mogase, Chairperson of Parent Council ¡ Parent Council queries to: [email protected]