Graduate School Orientation Program

More academic programs. Degrees and multi degrees. Certificate. Credit bank. Scholarship. Curriculum reform as needed ...
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Graduate School Orientation Program Hon. Prof. Dr. Kanchana Ngourungsi



Vision • Education for all • All for education • Life-long education

Quality of life improvement Socially – Happiness Economically –Sufficiency Politically - Unity

Education defined as:


Feel free to learn Automation library Wi-Fi to access Smart registration and information required systems University as second home

Encouraged to increase sense of inquiry • English and languages facilitated • • • • •

Language Center No language barrier Change majors as needed Multiple jobs opportunity Multi-discipline and integrated curriculum

More academic programs

Degrees and multi degrees Certificate Credit bank Scholarship Curriculum reform as needed

Dormitories Canteens Green and clean campus Bicycles, Electric buses, Smart university, Health care, labs Mentoring and coaching programs

Accommodation and Hospitality

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