Aug 7, 2015 - and Business Administration to produce what you call the “21st century ... Tiger Kim's World Class Tae Kwon Do Centers .... 5th Dan – Sip Jin.
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Welcome to all of the athletes from all over the world to the 7th Yong-in University Presidential Cup. In addition, I would also like to thank all the VIP guests, families, and volunteers who came to make this event special. And I would like to give a warm gratitude to the officers and officials who have put many hours and effort in preparing for today's tournament. The Yong-In University Presidential Cup International Tae Kwon Do Championship started in 2003, as a tournament to be held every two years and we celebrat the 7th this year. This tournament was able to continue the growth and development in scale and qualitative aspects over the years because of its alumni’s continuous effort, sweat, and dedication. In particular, the present competition has made a significant contribution in spreading Tae Kwon Do to not only in United States but too many countries around the globe as well. I want to ask all the Alumnus, please continue to support and work together for this great event to be well known amongst all Tae Kwon Do enthusiasts around the world. The school celebrates its 62nd anniversary of its alma mater. We are looking to a new leap forward with a new spirit. Just for the Tae Kwon Do department alone, many alumnus and current students have participated in the Olympics, Asian Games, and the World Tae Kwon Do Championships and performed well with great results. On top of that, the Tae Kwon Do demonstration team still now currently travels throughout the world in spreading Tae Kwon Do to the world of its culture and art. As a University that is well known to the world as a specialized school for martial arts, sports, and arts, we now have begun to focus on many other majors to create more opportunities for many international students. The school now is in all-out effort to focus on utilizing elements of Carl Jung and its practical education to develop in the areas such as Culture, Environment, Health Care and Welfare, and Business Administration to produce what you call the “21st century intellectuals”. In order for Yong-In University to continue to grow, we need the entire alumnus to continue to help and support your Alma Mater to become the most prestigious university in the world. Finally, to everyone that is here to compete in this event, I hope that you will give one hundred percent of what you have and bring out your best. I also hope that through this competition, we are able to bond and share the love of Tae Kwon Do to create relationships for the future. Furthermore, I want to send my deep thanks to those who have put a lot of time and effort in making this event possible. It is a great privilege to be here today, and I wish everyone the best of luck. Thank you very much. Sun Kyung Park President Yong-In University

Greetings Grandmasters, Masters, Coaches, Referees, Athletes and Guests, As president of the U.S. Yong In Alumni Association, it is my pleasure to bring to you the 7th Yong In University International Presidential Cup Tae Kwon Do Championships. On August 7th-8th, 2015, just outside the great city of Atlanta, Georgia, competitors from around the world will gather together to set a standard of competition like no other. I am certain this event will demonstrate the outstanding discipline of Taekwondo and help to promote a healthy lifestyle within this martial art. I am grateful for our U.S. Yong In Alumni’s efforts in providing you with a world class experience that represents our Yong In University and our nation of Korea with it’s rich cultural heritage. Our U.S. Yong In Alumni are commended for their promotion of Taekwondo within the United States and beyond it’s borders bringing us to where we are today. It is by their hard work that this year’s championship will bring together both young and old, beginner and experienced, athlete and spectator to embody the true spirit of Taekwondo. There is something for everyone who wishes to compete in this year’s event from Little Tigers Spirit to Team Sparring and Demo Competitions. I encourage all practitioners of Taekwondo to