Great opportunity for strong, effective leader Adams 14 seeks new ...

its rich mix of cultures, heritage, history and traditions. ... to the heart of downtown Denver, the Adams 14 School District has all the conveniences of a.
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Great opportunity for strong, effective leader Adams 14 seeks new superintendent THE COMMUNITY

Located just north of downtown Denver lies the community of Commerce City most noted for its rich mix of cultures, heritage, history and traditions. The 33,000-resident community is served by the Adams 14 School District and caters to the historic neighborhoods in the community. It’s more than 7,500 students speak 24 languages and therefore it has a significant bilingual population.

As a community located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain area and just a short 15-minute drive to the heart of downtown Denver, the Adams 14 School District has all the conveniences of a metropolitan school district with the small town feel. Residents enjoy knowing their neighbors, sharing traditions with family and friends who’ve grown up together, and having bonds with the people who established the community’s history and hospitality. The Adams 14 School District’s portion of Commerce City is home to the Colorado Rapids, the state’s professional soccer team which calls Dick’s Sporting Goods Stadium its home turf. Commerce City also lets wild animals roam free – at least it does within the Rocky Mountain National Arsenal Wildlife Refuge located adjacent to the Adams City High School grounds. And to add to its great outdoor amenities, Commerce City has plenty of room to enjoy the sunshine with about 300 acres of play areas and parks. The city also offers walkers 14 miles of walking trails. Senior citizens also enjoy the use of a robust senior center which is housed within the city’s 67,000-square-foot recreation center which includes basketball courts, swimming pool, meeting and community rooms, a dance studio, exercise rooms, racquetball courts and more.


The school district has about 470 caring expert teachers focused on meeting each student’s unique needs. Our teachers are supported by about 50 administrators at the school building and district levels and nearly 400 support staff members make the district operate smoothly and effectively every day.

Families are served by two pre-schools, seven elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. In addition, two dedicated Early Childhood Education centers and a Gifted and Talented program focus on some of the specific needs of our children. Adams 14 students are diverse and include: 83% Hispanic, 12.4% White, 2.5% Black or African American, <1% Each of American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 1.24% two or more races.

Students have a variety of programs and classes to meet their varied interests and academic needs. Adams 14 schools work to match student interests to their academic schedules so students are learning high-performance skills in ways that are relevant and intriguing to students today. Here’s a sample of special programs; before and after school programs, parent involvement functions, music and arts programs, preschool and kindergarten jumpstart

program, health and wellness programs, family education activities, free breakfast in the classroom for all students, free lunch program for all students, sport teams including soccer, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading, gymnastics, track and field, cross country, swimming, wrestling, basketball and football.

A strong source of focused community support comes to Adams 14 school district through the Education Foundation which is dedicated to improving the quality of education by raising and distributing money for special programs, community health services, supporting the HOPE Family Resource Center, providing year-round academic and human services for all ages.

Looking at the state’s test results, Adams 14 is designated as “approaching” when looking at its overall rating for academic growth. However, on its overall rating for academic achievement, Adams 14 “does not meet” expectations on its annual academic status. The district has a 70 percent graduation rate when using the 6-year rate. With a drop-out rate of 6.3 percent, the district is evaluated as “approaching” by the state. The state department of education determined Adams 14 is accredited with a priority improvement plan. Seven of its schools are on the state’s accountability clock. Visit to learn more. So while the district is making slow gains in achievement, its academic growth is moving upwards, but it is still in the lower performance levels. In 2015, the state’s review panel examined the district and recommended that the state board of education grant the district Innovation Status which will give schools and the district more flexibility to meet student achievement needs by relaxing some state requirements. All schools voted overwhelmingly to approve a move to innovation status.


The board of education, staff and community have determined the following qualities to be essential to the success of their future superintendent. • Knowledge of the Colorado Accountability system and how to move a district out of turn-around/priority improvement. • Builds public trust while making changes to improve student performance • Previous experience as a superintendent preferred • Experience as a district cabinet-level leader • Excellent communication skills and the ability to build strong, trusting relationships with students, parents, staff and the board • A consensus builder with the ability to develop and execute plans for the future • Experience in creating and maintaining a positive organizational climate and culture • Can make tough decisions and follow through with them • Strong leadership skills with integrity, honesty and fairness • Bilingual in Spanish and English is a plus, but not required • A person of high integrity, honesty and fairness who promotes capacity-building with staff and the board. • Understands school finance and building effective budgets


Minimum salary of $165,000 with a competitive benefits package.

The district provides health, dental, vision and life insurance as well as a PERA retirement plan, holidays and vacation time off. For details on benefits, visit


Assessed Valuation Per Pupil Expenditure

$640,714,560 $12,588


$63,090,863 $7,305,548 $610,650 $95,385,983

Budget Year 2015/2016 General Fund Capital Reserve Fund Pupil Activity Fund Total Appropriation

All applicants must apply online. Please begin the process at For a complete application you must provide the following: 1. A completed and signed online application 2. A current professional resume 3. Transcripts, placement papers and/or credentials requested by you from college or university placement center (photocopies are acceptable) 4. Three recent (dated within the past two years) letters of recommendation 5. Answers to the following questions, no longer than three typewritten pages each: A. Considering that the district is in its fifth year of turnaround- or priority improvement status, how would you increase student achievement for all students while meeting the needs of student diversity and family poverty? B. What strategies would you use to build and maintain a positive school climate and culture that encourages creativity while addressing the academic needs of all students according to state accreditation requirements? C. As superintendent, how would you develop and nurture a successful working relationship with the school board, staff and community members in our district?


Job description posted and applications requested Application deadline – 10 p.m. Application screenings, background checks completed Candidates invited for interviews Community, staff committees interview candidates Board interviews candidates Board deliberation, selection of finalists Successful candidate begins in Adams 14


May 25, 2016 June 23, 2016 June 30, 2016 June 30, 2016 July 11-12, 2016 July 11-12, 2016 July 13-14, 2016 Aug. 1, 2016

If you have any questions regarding applying for this position, please contact Amber White, Superintendent Search Assistant, [email protected] or (303) 832-1000, Colorado Association of School Boards, 1200 Grant St. Denver, CO 80203