a) The Diocese of Sodor and Man consists of the whole area of the Isle of Man. The population is around 80,000 people across an area of 221 square miles.
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GROWING FAITH FOR GENERATIONS PIONEER YOUTH MINISTER/MISSIONER Job Specification This is an adventurous post working among young people and families in a part of the British Isles where the church faces all the challenges of being on the edge and the advantages of having its own unique heritage, and political and cultural context. 1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: a)

The Diocese of Sodor and Man consists of the whole area of the Isle of Man. The population is around 80,000 people across an area of 221 square miles. Nearly half the population lives in the capital. The Diocese contains four mission partnerships (similar to deaneries). There are 14 stipendiary clergy serving 14 benefices including 35 churches. Most of the churches are in villages in rural areas. Two churches follow the high church tradition and the rest are low. A recent sample survey of parishes in the diocese revealed regular involvement with a small but growing number of people under 30. There are approximately 8,500 young people between 12-21 living in the diocese. The officer will cover the whole Diocese and will be expected to work with the parish clergy and lay people in these varying situations. The Diocese is a committed member of the ecumenical partnership, Churches Alive in Mann.


Vision for the Diocese of Sodor and Man: ‘Together making Christ visible’ The Diocese of Sodor and Man is called to make Christ visible, and has six priorities for growth in: ▪ spiritual life ▪ understanding and practice ▪ numbers ▪ youthfulness ▪ ecumenical collaboration ▪ world-church awareness. Further information is included in the attached general introduction to the Diocese.


Background to the Post: This is a new post. It has been created as part of the re-vamping of the Diocese’s strategic direction to focus on children, young people and families. The Diocesan focus and current priority is re-invigorating and supporting church developments which reach out to and encourage discipleship amongst young people in the contrasting locations of the capital’s busy town centre and the more isolated rural villages – Growing Faith for Generations (GF4G). Taking this strategic development forward in practical ways is the subject of the Diocese’s recent bid to the Strategic Development Fund. (Please note, when viewing the bid document, that details are still under review and that elements of the work are being adapted as and when needed, to provide most fruitful results.) In the recent past the preceding post of mission Adviser was paid for by the CofE Mission Development Fund and focused upon parish consultancy and support using personal visits, parish and mission partnership training. This new post gives priority to pioneer youth ministry in rural areas.


Genuine Occupational Requirement: The post holder should be a communicant member of the Church of England or a full member of a church within Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. This post is exempt under paragraph 126(2)(a) of the Isle of Man Employment Act 2006 – Religious Discrimination and Dismissal. The Diocese of Sodor and Man supports and promotes the aims of the Church of England.


2. PURPOSE OF ROLE: The main objectives of the Diocesan Pioneer Youth Minister/Missioner are: 1. to establish a local Christian presence and pioneer ministry among youth and families in the rural villages in the north of the Island, alongside existing churches. It is expected that this will entail around 50% of the post holder’s time. 2. to support the building up and resourcing of pioneer ministry and mission among young people across the Diocese including development of young people as leaders. This involves encouraging and planning for local grass roots activities which enable young people to share faith, to revive Christian discipleship, nurture young leaders, and contribute to sustainable youth ministry and strategy a