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The room phone rang at 5 a.m., startling me. 'Your wake-up call, sir,' the hotel operator said. 'I am awake, thank you,' I said, as I'd never slept at all. I called Jet ...... Ready to go?' she said instead. 'Riya, we never talk about you. Am I only good enough to play basketball with?' 'What?' 'We meet, play, eat and talk. But you ...
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Praise for the author Many writers are successful at expressing what’s in their hearts or articulating a particular point of view. Chetan Bhagat’s books do both and more. -A.R. Rahman, in TIME magazine, on Chetan’s inclusion in the TIME 100 most influential people in the world The voice of India’s rising entrepreneurial class. - Fast Company Magazine, on Chetan’s inclusion in the 100 most creative people in business globally India’s paperback king. - The Guardian The biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s history. - The New York Times A rockstar of Indian publishing. - The Times of India Bhagat has touched a nerve with young Indian readers and acquired almost cult status. - International Herald Tribune


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Acknowledgements and some thoughts Thank you, dear reader and friend, for picking up Half Girlfriend. Whatever I have achieved today in life is thanks to you. Here’s thanking all those who helped me with this book: Shinie Antony, my editor and first reader since Five Point Someone. Her feedback is invaluable. Those who helped me at various stages of conceptualizing, research and editing—Anubha Bang, Abhishek Kapoor, Anusha Bhagat, Masaba Gupta, Ayesha Raval, Abha Bakaya and Anusha Venkatachalam. My team—Bhakti, Michelle, Tanya and Virali. My immediate family—Anusha, Shyam, Ishaan. My mother, Rekha. My brother and his wife, Ketan and Pia. My in-laws, Suri, Kalpana, Anand and Poonam. Friends who make life worthwhile. My extended family on Twitter and Facebook. The entire team at Rupa Publications India. All those I met in Bihar while writing this book. And, finally, Bill Gates—and not just for Microsoft Word this time. I want to share something with you. With this book, I complete ten years as a writer.When I started writing, my motives were different. I wanted to make it. I wanted to prove a point. Today, I write for different reasons. I write for change. A change in the mindset of Indian society. It is a lofty goal, and I am not foolish enough to think' I can ever achieve it. However, it helps to have positive intentions and a direction in life, and I am glad to have found mine. I want to reach as many people as I can—through books, films or other mediums of entertainment, I am human; I will falter and I will have ups and downs. If possible, try to maintain your support and keep me grounded through that process, One more thing; don’t give me your admiration, Give me your love. Admiration passes, love endures. Also, admiration comes with

expectations, Love accepts some flaws, In fact, people sometimes ask me how I would like to be remembered.