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importantly, the people. You also have chance to learn Vietnamese language, take part in an intriguing daily life as a young dynamic citizen with a “hot heart and ...
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Contact Information Your web address: hust.edu.vn P2A Contact Person: Ms. Pham Huong Tra Phone no : +84 (024) 38693796 Mobile no : +84 (0) 912757566 Email address : [email protected]

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Introduction Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a leading public university in Vietnam. Since its foundation in 1956, HUST has been a dynamic technical university with missions to provide multi-disciplinary education and interdisciplinary research of the highest quality. Located in the heart of Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital, its campus lays on the edge of the modern, newly established area and historic Old Quarter of the city.

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What can you expect from this Journey?

From 30 Jan to 28 Feb (Chinese New Year Holiday)

Campus Information Population: 37.200 students Accommodation: private double room nearby the campus Meals: Canteen or around the campus Shops: Nearby campus Nearest Mall: Ba Trieu Vincom Center 3 km Distance to : city center 5km Travel time to : city center 15 mins Public Transport: Bus and taxi Internet: Free Wifi around campus Banking: On campus

Country Information Language: Vietnamese Population: 92.7 mil. Capital: Hanoi Currency: Vietnam dong Visa Requirement: No Government: Communist Head of State: President Nguyen Van Phuc Prime Minister: Tran Dai Quang Seasons: Humid Subtropical climate (Spring and Summer) Land Area : 331,210 km2 GDP: $232 billion Per Capita: $2,458 Religion : Majority Buddhist and Free thinkers Time Zone: GMT +7 International Calling code: + 84 ISO 3166 Code: VN

In this Journey, you can have chance to experience one of the most historic yet rapidly developing city in Southeast Asia. We integrate in our program the social, cultural activities along with company tour to help participants have an overview about Vietnam with regards to many aspects such as culture, economics, education, tradition and most importantly, the people. You also have chance to learn Vietnamese language, take part in an intriguing daily life as a young dynamic citizen with a “hot heart and cold mind”. At HUST, a lot of new friendships will be made, dreams will become true, and your pathway to the world will be clearer than ever. Day 1 Arrival day: Activity 1 Dinner

Pick up at Noi Bai Airport & check in to Homestay Orientation and welcome by HUST - Breaking the Ice | Before video Welcome dinner

Activity 2 Lunch Activity 3 Dinner P2A Talk

Campus tour at Student Canteen Visit City Center & Night Market in Old Quarter Daily reflection on Today’s experience

Breakfast Activity 4 Lunch Activity 5 Dinner P2A Talk

at HUST student canteen Vietnamese learning and practice Vietnamese food around campus Company visit Let’s try Vietnamese food Daily reflection on Today’s experience

Breakfast Activity 6 Lunch Activity 7 Dinner P2A Talk

at HUST student canteen Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology at National University of Hanoi Cultural exchange: Fruit and traditional cakes Free and easy Daily reflection on Today’s experience

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 Breakfast Activity 8

at HUST student canteen Reflection on the Journey | After video Check out from Homestay & Departure

P2A Program Activities Activity 1: Orientation | Breaking the Ice The International Cooperation Department at HUST will gather all participants of this program to introduce them to the University and the city by a comprehensive presentation. Students will receive handbook and get to know their buddies and contact person in case of emergency or assistance needed. The orientation session will help students have basic knowledge about the life in Hanoi and HUST. They are able to know about the transportation, people, main attractions, foods, and some tips to dis