Have you got what it takes?

Sep 22, 2016 - to provide the public with the best services possible ... We have two fantastic packages on offer: ... thank you for hosting a first class event.
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Have you got what it takes? Thursday 22nd September 2016


CHALLENGE 2016 In partnership with...

We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges The public sector is currently facing unprecedented change like never seen before. Organisations need to deliver innovative solutions and services that offer people greater choice and control over their lives and their workforce needs to engage with a range of stakeholders to develop them. Your workforce needs to be flexible enough to continually adapt to whatever the future brings. Preparing them to thrive in such climates will involve re-training and re-focussing them to succeed.

Join us on a learning adventure! The challenge offers a fantastic opportunity for aspiring or newly appointed managers (or those who need to make a shift from operational to strategic thinking) to gain exposure to issues outside of their normal work giving them a taste of what senior management within local government is really like. To successfully complete the challenge teams will have to work with neighbouring councils, stakeholders and partners to deliver a new strategy for their council. They’ll have to identify which areas to prioritise, deal with politically sensitive issues and maintain customer focus when determining how to provide the public with the best services possible despite limited resources.

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you! Win or lose each team will... Get the opportunity to explore real world issues during an authentic learning experience

Engage in partnership working and political communication to achieve a better understanding of the benefits this can bring

Collaborate with colleagues from across their own organisation and others to improve joint working

Gain a practical insight into how a local authority management team works and the pressures they face

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Discover their strengths and weaknesses and develop them in a safe environment

Have you got the talent to complete? The challenge is open to teams of six people from any area of the public sector. Participants will spend the day as the management team of a fictional local authority, encountering many of the tasks that a real corporate team deals with. There will be 5 award categories up for grabs but only one team will be crowned overall challenge winners 2016.

Can you afford not to participate? We have two fantastic packages on offer: Standard Package: £1500 +VAT per team of 6 (entry to the event and awards ceremony. A team performance feedback report). Enhanced package: £2750 + Vat per team of 6 (as above plus 3 half day facilitated sessions designed to help competing teams to make the most out of the event. 1 pre event - to help team members to agree development goals, 2 post event to help teams to understand and act on feedback received during the event, embed their learning and really make it stick back in the workplace.

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Location Aston Villa Football Club, Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE

“All twelve officers across the two teams without fail have said what an amazing development opportunity it has proved to be. One team member commented “after all the training the council has put me through including my MBA, this has been by far the most challenging, realistic and hence most valuable single day course I have ever done”. Simon Walters, Assistant Director Corporate Review and Development Lincoln City Council

“Congratulations on delivering a training and development event like no other. Passionate, invigorated, ambitious and energised are four words to describe my Luton Team after they secured victory in the Local Government Challenge. The event is a fantastic development opportunity for any local authority to participate in” Trevor Holden, CEO Luton Borough Council

“Just wanted to take a couple of mins to say