Headteacher's Message

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Headteacher’s Message In spite of the flu bug and snow which, at times, seemed to be intent on causing us all maximum difficulty, this past term has seen much success for our students and we are very proud of all their achievements. We have a full programme of exam preparation and revision for Year 11 students in the second week of the holidays. Please see the timetable overleaf for further details. Students have been given guidance about which sessions they should attend. Over the past few weeks I have given out many Headteacher’s Merits to reward the excellent work completed by our students. It is a privilege to see students progress due to their hard work and commitment to their studies. We welcome communication from parents/carers regarding your children’s successes outside school. Please email [email protected] with details and indicate if you and your child would be happy to have their success and achievements mentioned in a future newsletter. Can I take this opportunity to thank the members of the PTFA who not only provide our parents/carers, staff and students with a warm welcome and refreshments at all school events and Parents’ Evenings, but also help to raise much-needed extra funds which are used to purchase resources and subsidise school trips and activities. Your efforts are much appreciated. Could I please draw your attention to our uniform rules which are included overleaf, particularly those concerning jewellery and piercings. It is vital that students only get piercings when there is enough time for the hole to heal sufficiently to allow the studs or rings to be removed. We are very grateful for the support of parents/ carers in this matter. As is often the case at the end of term some staff will be leaving us: Mrs Elaine Tarbuck will be retiring at the end of this term after a long career, ten years of which have been spent at Wardle Academy. Mrs Tarbuck joined us as our Head of Science and then became our Professional Mentor, working with all the new and recently qualified staff at the school. Sadly, Mrs Tarbuck has endured a period of serious illness over the past year but, I’m pleased to say, she is now looking forward to a happy retirement. Also leaving us is our Head of Year 7, Mrs Raynes, who has played a key role in helping our students make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. Mrs Raynes, who has been with us for nearly ten years, is now moving to take up a new role for Positive Steps. I would like to thank both Mrs Tarbuck and Mrs Raynes for all that they have done for the students of Wardle Academy and wish them all the very best as they start a new chapter in their lives. I wish you all a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing all our students when they return to school on Monday 16th April at 8.40 a.m. Mrs C. Fisher Wardle Academy Headteacher

Governor’s Update

As we are sure you are aware, after an OFSTED visit in December 2017, Wardle Academy was graded as ‘Good’. In order to gain this rating a lot had happened at Wardle in the 21 months since the previous Ofsted inspection in 2016. Bringing about such positive changes in a short period of time is down to hard work from all the staff at Wardle and especially Mrs Fisher whose determination to improve standards for all her pupils was apparent from the first day she took over as headteacher. Mrs Fisher, her leadership team and all staff have worked tirelessly bringing about changes that have resulted in a positive impact on your child’s learning environment. As a governing body we are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication all staff have shown at Wardle. Obtaining an OFSTED rating of ‘Good’ hasn’t been an easy process, there are not many schools that can improve so quickly. We know Mrs Fisher and her team have only had the best interests of the pupils at heart and this has helped them to implement changes at speed. As a governing body we have been involved in some very difficult decisions but we are all determined to make Wardle Academy the best school it can possibly be and