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Check out the selection in discount stores as they can be cheap and plentiful. • Buy some good zip-seal freezer bags of different sizes for freezing any foods that you prepare in bulk. ..... Choose a minimum of five different gut-healthy items.
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Healthy Gut Handbook

Lose weight and boost your health with this simple 28-day plan

Justine Pattison With a foreword by Professor Tim Spector, director of the British Gut Project

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The 28-day healthy gut plan

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How to use this plan The aim of this eating plan is to help your body function more effectively. Research shows that by looking after your gut, you can reboot your health, lose weight and live longer. This plan provides plenty of ideas for meals brimming with the probiotics, prebiotics and polyphenols that will make your gut happy, but as we’ve seen, lifestyle is important too. I’d say that there are five steps to achieving gut nirvana. • Eat a varied diet of fresh, unprocessed food, including lots of fruit and vegetables. • Include plenty of probiotic fermented foods and fibre-rich prebiotic foods. • Eat natural foods rich in polyphenol antioxidants, such as extra virgin olive oil. • Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. • Avoid stress, take exercise and eat mindfully.

The diversity diet This plan follows proven ways to improve your health, such as the Mediterranean diet, and incorporates new ideas that have recently been shown to encourage microbe diversity and lead to weight loss, plus better health, energy and mood. The Mediterranean diet is rich in plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruit, legumes (fresh beans and peas, dried beans and lentils) and wholegrains. It contains moderate amounts of chicken and fish, and a little red meat. Most of the fat is unsaturated and comes from foods such as extra virgin olive oil and nuts as well as saturated fats from cheese and yogurt. Having a small amount of red wine regularly is also thought to be beneficial to health. Research has shown that this way of eating can improve weight loss, give better control of blood sugar levels and reduce the 74 | THE HEALTHY GUT HANDBOOK

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risk of depression. It has also been associated with reductions in levels of inflammation – a risk factor for heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. The plan follows the Mediterranean way of eating, but there’s no need to eat just Mediterranean-style dishes. I’ve created a huge variety of fibre-recipes whic